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Procesado para la conservación de alimentos

In this entry, our focus is on the Hiperbaric HPP In-Pack range, a technological marvel serving the food industry for the past 23 years.

Understanding HPP Technology


High Pressure Processing (HPP) has brought about a huge revolution in the food preservation industry in recent years. This innovative technology uses water to apply high pressure and eliminate foodborne pathogens, thereby extending the shelf life of food products. HPP achieves this without the use of heat or additives, allowing food and beverages to maintain their natural attributes of freshness, flavor, texture, and nutrients.

The basic principles of HPP are straightforward, but the science behind it is complex. Food products are first sealed in their final packaging before being introduced into a vessel and subjected to pressures up to 6000 bar by pumping pressurized water. This ultra-high pressure alters the molecular structure of pathogens like Listeria, Salmonella, and E. coli, rendering them inactive. Viruses, yeasts, molds, and spoilage enzymes are also neutralized in the process.



Five Key Differentiators of Hiperbaric In-Pack Range

As demand for clean labels and fresh-tasting products continues to grow globally, HPP has become an ideal, eco-friendly solution for manufacturers across meat, seafood, juice, packaged fruits/vegetables, dips, and spreads sectors. With increasing awareness about sustainability, the technology’s cold pasteurization process, minimal water usage, and recyclable packaging perfectly align with industry trends. As the global leader in high pressure processing, Hiperbaric sets itself apart in the market thanks to key characteristics that make it the premier manufacturer of HPP machinery.


Experience and Market Leadership:

Hiperbaric boasts an impressive 23-year legacy, with over 350 units deployed in 50 countries. Since 2005, we’ve been at the forefront of the market, providing HPP machines that operate 24/7 to meet the dynamic needs of our customers.


Shortest Lead Time:

Our commitment to efficiency is evident in our ability to offer the shortest lead time. By manufacturing critical components in-house, such as the Yoke, high-pressure vessel, and pipes, we ensure swift delivery and installation.


High-Pressure Intensifiers:

Delving into the core of our technology, our high-pressure intensifiers are engineered for optimal performance. They act as the main driver of the machine, pumping high-pressure water into the vessel. Manufactured in-house, Hiperbaric intensifiers have the unique ability to be isolated for maintenance while the machine continues running. This underscores our dedication to ensuring uninterrupted uptime.


24/7 Service Support:

Hiperbaric provides a comprehensive HPP support program to its customers, which includes 24/7 after-sales service support. Our team of food scientists offers technical assistance to food and beverage manufacturers with product development and validation of new HPP products. Moreover, we have recently launched the Uptime System, a new web portal designed to simplify spare parts ordering, equipment management, and access to manuals. The portal ensures easy ordering of spare parts and a 24-hour shipping guarantee once the order has been processed.


Certifications and Customized Solutions

Ensuring the highest standards, Hiperbaric machinery carries certifications like the CE mark, the “ASME U3” certificate, the  “R” y “NB” National Board certificates, the UL certificate, and the EAC certificate. Our commitment extends to providing flexible and personalized automation solutions, covering automation, material handling, and Industry 4.0.


Exploring HPP In-Pack Units

Lets turn our attention to the practical applications of Hiperbaric technology through specific machines.

  • Hiperbaric 55: An ideal entry point for small to medium-sized companies.

Máquina Hiperbaric HPP 55


  • Hiperbaric 135: Tailored for medium food production, with options for upgrades.

Máquina Hiperbaric 135


  • Hiperbaric 300: A competitive choice for medium to high production.

Máquina Hiperbaric 300


Larger Units for Greater Capacities

Zooming in on larger-scale production, we introduce two powerhouse units

  • Hiperbaric 420: The best-selling machine with a 420-liter capacity.

Máquina Hiperbaric 420


  • Hiperbaric 525: A colossal HPP system, the largest and most productive in-pack unit globally, boasting a 525-liter capacity.

Máquina Hiperbaric 525


Our In-Pack range stands testament to our pedigree in delivering exceptional safety, maximum uptime, and unmatched productivity standards through continuous enhancements to our machinery. Whether you are contemplating your first foray into HPP or looking to expand operations, Hiperbaric promises customized solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget.

The next step is yours – get in touch with our team of experts. We look forward to partnering with you on your HPP journey as you shape the future of food.

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