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Procesado para la conservación de alimentos

We are excited to provide the first look at an innovation that will transform how foods are processed and preserved – High Pressure Thermal Processing (HPTP). This groundbreaking technology combines the microbial lethality of heat with the speed of high pressure into one revolutionary system that has the potential to make low acid shelf-stable food safer and tastier.

Collaboration with CSIRO

The high pressure thermal (HPT) insulated canister technology invented by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, was further refined by Hiperbaric, resulting in High Pressure Thermal Processing (HPTP) that combines the microbial lethality of heat with the rapid speed of high pressure into one system that enables sterilization at lower temperatures, maintaining the natural flavour, nutrients, and visual appeal of food products.

The insulated canister is capable of withstanding extreme pressure (87,000psi / 6,000 bar) and temperature conditions (>90 °C), while keeping food products completely isolated from the surrounding water medium used.

How Does High Pressure Thermal Processing (HPTP) Work?

The process is simple and compatible with all Hiperbaric HPP machines: preheat the canister and food, seal the canister, then use an HPP machine to rapidly achieve pasteurization or sterilization temperatures through adiabatic compression heating.

Figure 1 – Overview of the HPTP process


Benefits of High Pressure Thermal Processing

HPTP is suitable for making some products microbiologically safe using less heat compared to conventional food preservation technologies. Unlike conventional thermal pasteurization methods, HPTP enables sterilization at lower temperatures, maintaining the natural flavor, nutrients and visual appeal of products.

This canister will enable a variety of products to benefit from HPTP in a shelf-stable format.

By controlling pressure and temperature, HPTP delivers advantages including inactivating pathogens and spores to enable shelf-stable low acid products, preserving nutrition and flavor, reducing processing contaminants that can occur at high heat and achieving commercial sterilization up to ten times faster than conventional canning based on research. For a more in-depth look at the benefits of HPTP download the flyer here.

Figure 2 – Benefits of HPTP: Spore Inactivation & Nutrient Retention


Test Products at Hiperbaric’s Pilot Plant



We invite food and beverage companies to take advantage of Hiperbaric’s state-of-the-art pilot plants in Burgos, Spain and Miami, Florida to test and develop products leveraging HPTP technology. Our knowledgeable food scientists will provide complimentary guidance and support to brands using our facilities. Our team eagerly welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with partners to pioneer new product innovations and applications. Feel free to contact for more information.

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