Pharma and Cosmetics


  • Improves microbiological safety. Improves the microbiological safety of liquid products already packaged.
  • Alternative to sterilizing filtration or heat treatment. HPP inactivates microorganisms in products not suitable for filtration or heat treatment.
  • Development of new vaccines. The development of new vaccines is possible using bacteria or viruses inactivated by HPP thanks to the fact that they keep their antigenic power intact.
  • Molecular Modification. Structural changes in proteins and enzymes caused by the HPP process open the door to the creation of molecules with new functionalities or enzymatic synthesis of new compounds.



  • Natural and Organic Cosmetics. Development of products without chemical additives.
  • Maintains color and texture. HPP does not modify emulsions or change the color of the product.
  • Inactivates microorganisms. HPP inactivates yeasts and vegetative bacteria, with the exception of bacterial spores.

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