Pharma and Cosmetics


Improves microbiological safety. Improves the microbiological safety of liquid products already packaged.

  • Alternative to sterilizing filtration or heat treatment. HPP inactivates microorganisms in products not suitable for filtration or heat treatment.
  • Development of new vaccines. The development of new vaccines is possible using bacteria or viruses inactivated by HPP thanks to the fact that they keep their antigenic power intact.
  • Molecular Modification. Structural changes in proteins and enzymes caused by the HPP process open the door to the creation of molecules with new functionalities or enzymatic synthesis of new compounds.


  • Natural and Organic Cosmetics. Development of products without chemical additives.
  • Maintains color and texture. HPP does not modify emulsions or change the color of the product.
  • Inactivates microorganisms. HPP inactivates yeasts and vegetative bacteriawith the exception of bacterial spores.

HPP for Pharma and Cosmetics Products

The pharmaceutical industry is beginning to leverage HPP technology. This webinar provides a great opportunity to listen to two companies already using the technology for cosmetics and pharmaceuical products and a PhD professor presenting the different usage of pressure to inactivate bacteria or virus maintaining their immunogenicity for new vaccines.

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