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Lhyfe – Several compressor groups for different hydrogen production plants in Europe

Hiperbaric signed an agreement with the French company Lhyfe, one of the world’s pioneers in the production of green and renewable hydrogen, to supply hydrogen compressors that the company will use for selected projects in Europe in the coming years. The agreement represents the largest contract signed by Hiperbaric. The agreement establishes that the Spanish company will supply and deliver Lhyfe green and renewable hydrogen compressors for selected sites across Europe in the next two years.

Hiperbaric supplied its third unit for a project requiring hydrogen compression to build up the pressure up to 500 bar to be used in fuel cell buses. Hiperbaric achieved another milestone for the company with the supply of another hydrogen compressor for a mobility application as a way to keep reaching the continuous goal to contribute with the reduction of CO2 emissions thanks to its hydrogen compression technology.

The compressor unit supplied by Hiperbaric for Green Hysland, was selected for this pioneer project in Spain to compress Hydrogen generated with solar panels in the city of Lloseta. This was the very first project to generate green hydrogen in Spain requiring a compressor that would storage hydrogen into tube trailers at high pressure. These tube trailer will distribute this green hydrogen generated in the island of Mallorca into different offtakers in the island for different uses such as energy consumption in tourist places, mobility uses with fuel cell vehicles, gas blending in the pipeline etc.

Hiperbaric supplied a compressor group capable to reach 950 bar for the National Center of Hydrogen in Spain. There are several challenging features of this project that made it very interesting as this hydrogen compressor manufactured by Hiperbaric is part of a portable HRS that can also be installed on an ATEX zone 1 area. It was also the first order for a Hydrogen compressor for Hiperbaric.

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