At Hiperbaric we are fully committed to compliance with the legal framework in force within our organization and in our relations with our stakeholders. Compliance is not only about complying with regulations, but also about acting under a culture of ethics and integrity in our daily activities.


Our Code of Conduct establishes the ethical and performance principles that all Hiperbaric employees must comply with in the performance of their work, based on respect, tolerance and companionship.

In turn, there is a Compliance Policy that complements the Code of Conduct and extends these practices to our suppliers, expecting them to strictly comply with all applicable laws including, among others, the defense of human rights, the fight against bribery, corruption and money laundering or the protection of the environment.


Hiperbaric also has a Complaints Channel, the communication channel that we make available to employees, customers, suppliers and any other interested party to report, in good faith and without fear of retaliation, any illegal act, irregularity, breach of the Code of Conduct or unethical conduct observed in an employee, manager or representative of Hiperbaric during the course of their activities.