Hiperbaric 55

Throughput kg/hour [pounds/hour]

270 [590]

Vessel Capacity liters [US liq. Gallons]

55 [14.5]

Vessel diameter inside mm [inches]

200 [7.9]

Dimensions meters [feet]

L: 8[26.2] W: 2.8[6.8] H: 2.2[7.2]

Hiperbaric 55 Main Features

  1. Its compact size optimizes space.
  2. Perfect for SMEs, R&D centers, seasonal products and large batch testing.
  3. Its advanced design offers the longest life for the yoke and vessel.

The Hiperbaric 55 is the perfect first step into the HPP business with its 55 liter (14.5 gallons) vessel and a 200mm (7.9 inch) diameter. With a throughput around 270 kg/h (590 lbs./h), it is the ideal unit for SME’s, food companies serving to niche markets, seasonal production, or R&D centers.

Its compact design makes installation quick and easy in any industrial facility 

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