Hiperbaric is the world's leading company specialized in industrial equipment for High Pressure Technologies. Since 1999, we have been an international leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of High Pressure Processing (HPP) industrial equipment for food and beverages with industrial machinery installed on five continents. In our desire to conquer new markets, since 2016 we have developed a new line of industrial machinery for Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) used for critical industrial components focused on the aerospace, energy, oil & gas, automotive or medical implant sectors. In 2021 we launched another innovative business line: high pressure hydrogen compression from renewable energies, to participate in the challenge of the decarbonization of the mobility and the economy.

Andrés Hernando - CEO

Andrés Hernando, Founder & CEO Hiperbaric

"We are leaders in high pressure technology for food and beverages thanks to the reliability of our industrial equipment for HPP processing, both for packaged products with the in-pack range and for processing bulk liquids before packaging with the innovative in-bulk machinery.

In addition, with the introduction of Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) technology for processing metal parts and hydrogen compression technology, we have become a world leader in High Pressure Technologies.

I would like to thank customers, suppliers and shareholders for their trust in Hiperbaric, and our employees for their dedication".



To meet our customers' needs to create safe products with HPP; facilitate the decarbonization of the planet with hydrogen and provide more reliable components with HIP.



To maintain our leadership as a global benchmark supplier in high-pressure technology by developing the world's most reliable industrial HPP, H2 and HIP equipment.



Defend our values as a fundamental pillar of Hiperbaric, which have led us to lead the HPP market worldwide thanks to an excellent team.

Hiperbaric's purpose is to be a company of reference in facilitating the personal and professional growth of all our stakeholders.



    We install our first horizontal industrial high pressure processing equipment Hiperbaric 300 (300 l – 5000 bar / 500 MPa / 72500 psi) in the Campofrío meat products plant in Burgos.

    We install our first HPP equipment operating at 6000 bar (600 MPa / 87000 psi) in Canada and in the United States, our main market, and also in Japan, one of the most technologically demanding countries.
    We expand our range of machines with the Hiperbaric 55 and the Hiperbaric 135.


    We also launch in New Zealand with the first machine for dairy processing. Our presence reaches four continents and continues to internationalize.
    We receive the “FEMEBUR Award” for the best business project in the metal industry in Burgos. Hiperbaric leaves the Nicolás-Correa group as a result of a restructuring.


    We consolidate our position as world leaders in HPP technology, with a new maximum turnover and the potential of our Integrated range (HPP equipment with high pressure intensifiers above the process chamber) of equipment, which is why FAE awarded us the innovation prize in 2011.


    Hiperbaric USA opens its doors in Miami, Florida. We establish ourselves in the United States to get closer to customers in our main market, North America. We install our hundredth machine in the USA and change our name to “Hiperbaric”.


    We are the first Spanish company to obtain an Edison Award for our contribution to improving users’ lives through innovation and technological progress. We launch the Hiperbaric 525 which becomes the new best seller in the HPP world, boosting our turnover by almost 50%.


    Andrés Hernando (President and CEO), with the support of several Spanish partners, including Alantra, the pioneer firm in the venture capital sector in Spain, and Desmasa, Hiperbaric’s strategic partner for high pressure intensifiers since 2004, buy Hiperbaric.
    The result of 3 years of intense R&D work, we present a global new product that revolutionizes the HPP beverage market: In-Bulk technology. We open two new commercial offices in Mexico and Singapore. The first products with the “High Pressure Certified” seal following the safety and quality criteria developed by the Cold Pressure Council launch in the USA.

  8. Inscripción

    Este proyecto de divulgación científica se plantea todos los años junto con el inicio del curso escolar. Transmitiendo la información a las conserjerías de educación y los centros educativos de toda España para que inscriban a sus equipos.


    Installation of our first machine with In-Bulk technology in France, a Hiperbaric 525 Bulk. We inaugurate the expansion of the Burgos factory facilities.

    We launch the Hiperbaric HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressure) technology for high pressure (up to 2000 bar) and high temperature (up to 1450 °C) processing with the aim of offering technology that improves the mechanical properties of metal parts.


    After years of research and development, we commercialize the first Hiperbaric 538 HIP equipment, for Hot Isostatic Pressing, a manufacturing process used to densify metallic or ceramic parts that require excellent mechanical properties. This business line is focused on sectors such as aerospace, oil & gas or medical, among others, which require high performance, reliable and durable parts.


    We celebrate the sale and start up of the 300th HPP unit for the avocado industry in Mexico. We expand new horizons in the HPP market with the installation of our first machine in the pharmaceutical sector, in Europe, and with other equipment for the biotechnology sector, in Asia.

  12. Reunión Inicial

    Tras disponer de los equipos inscritos tiene lugar la reunión inicial de presentación del desafío, donde además de la información general, se muestran las novedades y avances de cada edición y sirve como toma de contacto entre los equipos y resolución de las primeras dudas.

  13. Plan de negocio

    Seguidamente cada equipo debe preparar un plan de negocio que debe ser aprobado para recibir el kit inicial que suministra la organización (Hiperbaric patrocina la carrocería y las ruedas).

  14. Diseño, fabricación y proyecto

    Una vez recibido el Kit inicial, los equipos disponen de varios meses para el diseño, fabricación y puesta a punto del vehículo. En paralelo deben trabajar los apartados de ingeniería que plasmarán en el proyecto técnico y los aspectos de gestión y organización que incluirán en el proyecto empresarial.

  15. Exposición

    Ante un jurado de expertos técnicos y educativos, defenderán en dos presentaciones de 15 minutos, tanto las alternativas técnicas y constructivas adoptadas en sus vehículos, como las pautas de gestión, comunicación e innovación seguidas en la ejecución de este proyecto. El desafío educativo Hiperbaric Challenge no sólo valora la viabilidad técnica del coche, sino que también se evalúan y fomentan aspectos como la creatividad e innovación, el trabajo en equipo, la comunicación y difusión de sus desarrollos o el uso de medios tecnológicos.

  16. Competición

    Los equipos que hayan llegado hasta aquí y cuenten con un coche que cumpla con la normativa de la FEDEI y del desafío, pondrán a prueba sus coches en competición directa, no sólo entre ellos como participantes del Hiperbaric Challenge, sino con otros pilotos federados a nivel nacional, ya que esta carrera entra dentro de la competición de Copa de España en categorías pesadas.

  17. Hydrogen compression

    In 2021 we are making steady progress with another innovative line of business: very high pressure hydrogen (H2) compression, from renewable energies, to participate in the challenge of sustainable mobility.

  18. Reaching new goals

    We celebrated the sale and start up of the 50th unit of our largest HPP In-Pack machine, the Hiperbaric 525; as well as our first hydrogen compressor in Europe.

Our facilities

Our headquarters in Burgos (Spain) cover more than 30,000 sqm to be able to carry out our activity in the most efficient way. Approximately half of this area is built up land. The factory consists of 3 different buildings, the main one with the assembly workshop and the offices (arranged as group meeting rooms, coworking areas and relaxation areas). The second building is dedicated to machining activities, not only for the manufacture of Hiperbaric's high pressure machines but also for external customers. The third building is a warehouse.

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A spacious, modern and innovative environment where we can carry out our work in the most efficient way

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Our office in Miami (USA) covers an area of 1,000 sqm. This area is divided into modern offices to carry out the commercial function, fully equipped meeting rooms for efficient meetings and a corresponding pilot plant for product testing.

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