Hiperbaric 135

Throughput kg/hour [pounds/hour]

670 [1,480]

Vessel Capacity liters [US liq. Gallons]

135 [36.7]

Vessel diameter inside mm [inches]

300 [11.8]

Dimensions meters [feet]

L:10.2[33.4] W:3.2[10.6] H:2.6[8.5]

Hiperbaric 135 Main Features

Its 300-mm (11.8-inch) diameter allows larger products to be processed.
World's fastest Industrial HPP equipment.
Its advanced design offers the longest lasting yoke and vessel on the market 

The Hiperbaric 135 is targeted for medium food production. Its 135 liter (36.7 gallons) vessel with a 300mm (11.8 inch) diameter allows for larger products and provides exceptional filling efficiency, enabling throughputs around 670 kg/h (1,480 lbs/h). With its 4 high pressure intensifiers, it can perform a cycle at 600 MPa/87,000 psi in less than 2 min (without holding time).

The Hiperbaric 135 has become the fastest industrial HPP machine in the world  

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