We offer our customers a full range of maintenance solutions on their HPP equipment, as well as pre and post installation training and a comprehensive catalog of high quality and reliable replacement parts.

At Hiperbaric, we work 24/7, worldwide and with total flexibility, to maximize the productivity and availability of your HPP equipment, minimizing waiting times and reducing associated costs.


We offer a team of highly qualified engineers, as well as an optimized management system, for quick and efficient service.

Hiperbaric Portal

At Hiperbaric we offer a web portal exclusively for customers, where you can place your orders in real time with the guarantee of processing them in 24 hours. It has access to an extensive database of technical information such as manuals, instructions and common queries. In addition, it allows you to check prices, download online offers and perform simple searches for spare parts, through interactive 3D navigation.

Spare Parts

We have an excellent team that guarantees delivery and an efficient stock control system that keeps spare parts at optimum levels.

Our commitment is shipping in less than 24 hours to anywhere in the world.

It is also a 24/7 service, with spare parts supplied from our 4 warehouses: Spain, the United States, Mexico and New Zealand.

repuestos Hiperbaric


Any contract for a Hiperbaric machine always include its installation and commissioning by our assembly specialists. However, it is the client's responsibility to contract the necessary tools for unloading and positioning (crane, slings, tanks, hydraulic jack, etc.).

In these videos, you can see the complete process of unloading and assembling our HPP systems:

Customer reviews

David Scheingold
Supply Chain and Logistics Manager (Dora's Naturals)
For us the most important thing is that our HPP machine is up and running. And just to have that feeling of peace of mind that when you come in in the morning and when you leave, it is always operational. Hiperbaric is always there to guide us at all times.
Dane Sandridge
Sales Director (Sandridge Food Corporation)
Today we have 2 HPP units from Hiperbaric. One of the key factors that made us choose Hiperbaric was their continuous improvement strategy. It is one of our core values at Sandridge and it is fundamental for us that our strategic partners are aligned to improve every day.
Roy Andreassen
CEO (FreshCo)
When we invest in a new technology, we don't just want to buy a machine, we want to establish a real partnership with our supplier. Our research positioned Hiperbaric as the world leader in HPP technology. However, it was the excellent service and support we received during our initial enquiries that led us to choose Hiperbaric as our HPP partner.