Hiperbaric, leader in high-pressure technologies

Hiperbaric, the world leader specialized in the design, manufacture and sale of high-pressure technology industrial equipment, with over 20 years of experience, is now exploring the design and development of high-pressure hydrogen compressors.

Our company’s history has always been one of innovation, allowing us to release new and disruptive products to the market, develop new technologies and design reliable, long-lasting and safe solutions.

A stellar example of this is our HPP equipment line which has propelled us to become market leaders in this sector. This equipment works by using one or several water compressors, featuring Hiperbaric’s innovative technology, efficiently increasing the pressure from atmospheric levels to up to 6,000 bar, while also being easy to maintain and offering total connectivity.

Water compression technologies, such as HPP equipment and 6,000-bar water compressors, were soon followed by high-temperature argon compressors (HIP equipment with argon at 2,000 bar and 1,450 ºC), before being joined by the current line of hydrogen compressors, a completely innovative and versatile range that can be adapted to almost any application.

Hiperbaric optimizes and improves hydrogen compression technologies, reducing costs by using highly reliable systems and materials which have been tested, improved and selected for their efficient design.

The wide range of input pressures (between 20 and 400 bar) and the ability to reach up to 1,000 bar during discharge makes them especially suited to use in hydrogen stations, refilling vehicles at either 350 or 700 bar in a short space of time, helping lead us down the path towards a more sustainable mobility.