Salsas, Plant Based and Fruit Products


  • Extended Shelf Life. HPP extends the shelf life of salsas, plant based and fruit products between 2x – 8x, depending on the formulation.
  • Food Safety. HPP inactivates foodborne pathogens and spoilage microorganisms such as Salmonella spp., Coli, molds and yeasts. In addition, recontamination is avoided since products are processed in their final packaging.
  • Premium Quality. HPP maintains all food properties, including color, flavor and nutritional profile, since it is a non-thermal process.
  • Clean Label. HPP reduced or eliminates entirely need for preservatives or additives, guaranteeing a clean label product.
  • Development of Innovative Products. HPP allows the development of innovative and functional products.
  • Variety of Formats. HPP has a wide range of packaging formats that can be used, such as tubs, large bags, individual pouches, and much more.


Salsas, Plant Based and Fruit HPP Customers 

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