Hiperbaric, Global Leader in HPP

20 years as world leaders in the design, development, manufacture and commercialization of High Pressure Processing (HPP) systems for the food industry.

20 th Anniversary Event

In November, 2020 we celebrated our 20th anniversary with people coming from 15 different countries. A really special occasion we wanted to share with all the people that made it possible.


Hiperbaric has installed its 300th HPP machine. We celebrate this milestone with a special departure of the unit leaving our headquarters located in Burgos, Spain.

Hiperbaric Global Community

Oysters and bivalves shucking with HPP
Oysters and bivalves shucking with HPP

Opening mollusks has never been easier! High Pressure Processing (HPP) is the most efficient method for opening oysters and bivalves. With pressure levels of around 2,500 bar / 250 MPa, a relaxation of the adductor muscle of the product is achieved, which generates a series of advantages, among them: - Easy opening and removal of 100% of the meat - Guaranteed food safety: Vibrio and Norovirus control. - Extension of the shelf life of the fresh product x2 - Identical quality and characteristics to fresh product - Versatility of presentations

Caña Nature: HPP tomato and guacamole products, Premium Quality and 9 weeks shelf life

Caña Nature is a division of Grupo La Caña, which develops innovative and healthy products thanks to High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology. It produces products such as Guacamole, Grated Tomato, Avocado Pulp, Mexican Salsa, Gazpacho and Salmorejo exclusively with fruits and vegetables from the Tropical Coast of Granada

Ithaca: Fresh Hummus and Salsa Using Hiperbaric HPP Technology

Ithaca Hummus is one of the leading premium hummus brands in America. Their hummus is known for its freshness and the use of premium-quality ingredients. Ithaca uses all real ingredients and its products do not contain preservatives or additives like sugar or artificial colors. This has been possible thanks to HPP, which helps keep the ingredients fresh and full of nutrients while extending shelf-life from 28 days to more than 100.

RV Fresh Foods & Guac On: Vertical integration and high value-added avocado products

RV Fresh Foods is a Mexican company that uses high pressure processing (HPP) to maintain all the natural properties and flavor of its avocado products, without adding preservatives or artificial ingredients. In addition, HPP helps ensure food safety and extend shelf life up to 60 days.

GL | Sonatural, HPP Food & Beverage Products: Fresher Under Pressure

When evaluating the different alternatives, GL discovered HPP was the only solution to provide 100% natural juices, with an extended shelf life. The juices also maintain their fresh flavor, color, aroma, nutrients, and freshness of the raw ingredients. After more research, GL realized there was a gap in the market and decided to become the first European brand with a full in-house production of HPP juices.

Evolution Fresh: HPP Automation Advancements for Fresh, Cold Pressed Juice

Evolution Fresh, a premium quality cold-pressed juice company, has been using the Hiperbaric HPP process for 12 years, which has enabled their production of juices and beverages with fresh quality, clean label, and shelf life expansión. Automating the HPP process through Hiperbaric’s Automation Solutions has enabled Evolution Fresh to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and drive revenue.

High Pressure Ready-to-Eat Meals with MRM, Tappers and Hiperbaric: “As Fresh as Homemade”

High pressure processing (HPP) ready-to-eat meals from the MRM and Tappers brands are the perfect example of ready-to-eat dishes with full flavour, natural taste and extended shelf life, without the need for additives or preservatives.

Hiprebaric HPP Services and Equipment

What is HPP?

Learn more about HPP, a non-thermal technology for the food and beverage industry to offer safe, minimally-processed and with an extended shelf life products.

Hiperbaric HPP In-Pack Technology

Meet the widest and most reliable HPP In-Pack systems range in the world. This technology is applied to products already packaged in its final packaging.

Hiperbaric HPP In-Bulk Technology

Hiperbaric In-Bulk technology is a global innovation for the production of great volumes of HPP beverages, a revolutionary concept where beverages are processed in bulk (before bottling).

Assembly of a Hiperbaric 525 in-pack

Check out this impressive video showing how our team is capable of building the most productive HPP unit in the world in just  a few weeks.

Container handling with storage carts

This automated solution makes it easy to load, unload and handle HPP containers. It allows different configurations and adjustments depending on the client’s needs.

24/7 After sales & Hiperbaric Portal

We offer a 24/7 after sales service and a web portal for the exclusive use of customers, where you can place your orders in real time.

Required supplies

Hiperbaric machines are easily installed and connected: watch the necessary requirements for their commissioning in this video.

Hiperbaric 55 Unloading & Commissioning

Learn  the complete process of downloading and commissioning a Hiperbaric 55 unit, the perfect first step into HPP.

Hiperbaric 420 Unit Download

Learn the complete process of downloading an HPP 420 system, the best-selling HPP machine in the market.

Trolley for HPP Baskets

Hiperbaric offers a Basket Trolley, which can be used to optimize the loading and unloading of the HPP containers in the feeding line.