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Procesado para la conservación de alimentos

Hiperbaric 25 anniversary

25 years is not just a number, it is an exciting journey. A journey that began in 1999 with a dream: to revolutionize the food industry with innovative and safe technology. That dream became a reality with the birth of Hiperbaric, a pioneer in the development of High Pressure Processing (HPP) equipment. Since then, Hiperbaric has continued to grow and evolve, driving innovation in the HPP sector and transforming the way we consume food. Today, the company is a global benchmark with more than 350 units installed in 50 countries on five continents. This report is a tribute to those 25 years of work, effort and passion. A journey through Hiperbaric’s most important milestones, its satisfied customers and its commitment to food safety and sustainability.

Pioneering beginnings (1999 – 2005)

As is often the case with great stories, it all started in a small boilermaking workshop. There, in 1999, under the umbrella of an R&D project led by Andrés Hernando, CEO and founder of Hiperbaric, and with the help of a young team, the first prototype of a High Pressure Processing (HPP) industrial food processing equipment was born. It was a technology that allowed to extend shelf life and ensure food safety without the need to add preservatives or additives, while maintaining all the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the product. “At that time, HPP technology only existed in laboratories; we were the ones who extended it to an industrial scale,” Hernando points out.

Three years after those first tests, the first commercial HPP equipment was installed in Campofrío, one of Spain’s most recognized meat product brands. A milestone that marked the beginning of a new era in the food industry, opening the way to a safer and more natural way of preserving food.

Consolidation and expansion (2006-2015):

The following years were years of consolidation and expansion for Hiperbaric. The company not only increased its range of HPP equipment, the widest in the market, but also expanded its international presence, reaching more than 40 countries.

During this period, the HPP technology was gaining the trust of the food industry with recognized brands in all food applications. In 2013, the 100th unit was installed, a milestone for the company.

100th equipment installation

Its numerous advantages, such as the elimination of bacteria and pathogens without the need for chemical preservatives, the preservation of nutritional and organoleptic properties of food and the extension of shelf life, made it an attractive alternative to traditional preservation methods.

In 2015, for example, it was a record year for turnover and different Awards were achieved at national and international level, such as the Edison Award, for Hiperbaric’s contribution to innovation and technological progress that improves the daily lives of its users.

Edison Awards

Innovation and leadership (2016-2023):

Over the last decade, Hiperbaric has strengthened its position as a world leader in HPP technology. At the beginning of this fruitful period, Hiperbaric installed the HPP 200th unit. At the same time, it began validation of the Hiperbaric HPP Bulk technology, a world innovation that would allow for the first time the high-pressure processing of bulk liquids, prior to packaging or bottling.

2020 came, the year the world was shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic, but Hiperbaric continued to grow and help the food industry, and the company installed its 300th HPP machine.

300th equipment installation

The company has invested heavily in R&D, which has enabled it to develop increasingly efficient and safe equipment, as well as to expand the applications of HPP technology to new sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and biotechnology. In 2022 it reached the milestone of having sold 50 units of the Hiperbaric 525 model, the largest and most productive on the market.

Several websites for Asian markets, a modernized customer-only portal and multiple awards, publications and advances with HPP technology have been the culmination of Hiperbaric’s 25-year history, leading up to 2024. Hiperbaric is also an active member of different international associations related to food safety and HPP technology, such as the Cold Pressure Council (CPC) and participates in various research projects to develop new applications of the technology.

A promising future

Hiperbaric faces the future with optimism and ambition. The company plans to continue investing in R&D to develop new innovative solutions that meet the needs of the food industry and consumers. Andrés Hernando assures that “HPP technology has enormous potential to contribute to food safety. At Hiperbaric, we are committed to continue driving innovation in this field to build a better future”.

Hiperbaric’s journey is an example of innovation, passion and commitment. A story that has transformed the food industry and continues to write a safer and more sustainable future for all.



To learn more about our history, do not hesitate to visit our website at this link.

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