Hiperbaric 420

Throughput kg/hour [pounds/hour]

2,600 [5,730]

Vessel Capacity liters [US liq. Gallons]

420 [111]

Vessel diameter inside mm [inches]

380 [15]

Dimensions meters [feet]

L:17.2[56.4] W:4.4[14.4] H:4.3[14]

Hiperbaric 420 Main Features

Hiperbaric 420 can be configured as standard (intensifiers installed on floor) or integrated (intensifiers installed above unit).
Versatility to expand by adding more intensifiers to increase production.
Its advanced design offers the longest lasting yoke and vessel on the market.

Its 420 liter (111 gallons) capacity and 380 mm (15 inch) diameter vessel together with its 8 high pressure intensifiers allow this unit to process more than 2,600 kg/h (5,730 lbs/h). This model is the first of our range with this diameter, which can accommodate larger products and process large pouches. This machine can be installed with 4 intensifiers and then production capacity can be expanded by increasing the number of intensifiers.

The Hiperbaric 420 is the best-selling HPP machine in the market

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