Hiperbaric industrial High Pressure Processing (HPP) units are designed to be the most reliable systems in the market. We have the widest throughput range of industrial HPP machines meeting the requirements of start-ups, small-medium enterprises and large corporations. Our horizontal layout and ergonomic design simplify installation and operations. Each machine can reach up to 6,000 bar / 600 MPa / 87,000 psi.

Furthermore, Hiperbaric is the only company capable of supplying equipment for the HPP processing of products in their final packaging (In-Pack) and equipment for the processing of bulk liquids before packaging (In-Bulk). In addition, we supply custom HPP automated solutions, from a simple HPP line to a fully automated turnkey solution.

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Our range of HPP units for products in their final packaging.


HPP units used for the processing of large volumes of liquids prior to packaging.


Wide experience in developing custom HPP automated solutions.

Customer Testimonials

David Scheingold
Supply Chain and Logistics Manager (Dora's Naturals)
For us the most important thing is that our HPP machine is up and running. And just to have that feeling of peace of mind that when you come in in the morning and when you leave, it is always operational. Hiperbaric is always there to guide us at all times.
Dane Sandridge
Sales Director (Sandridge Food Corporation)
Today we have 2 HPP units from Hiperbaric. One of the key factors that made us choose Hiperbaric was their continuous improvement strategy. It is one of our core values at Sandridge and it is fundamental for us that our strategic partners are aligned to improve every day.
Roy Andreassen
CEO (FreshCo)
When we invest in a new technology, we don't just want to buy a machine, we want to establish a real partnership with our supplier. Our research positioned Hiperbaric as the world leader in HPP technology. However, it was the excellent service and support we received during our initial enquiries that led us to choose Hiperbaric as our HPP partner.
Quality and Reliability

With over 20 years of experience, Hiperbaric focuses on the specialization and continuous development of HPP equipment. Our equipment not only meets the most demanding international standards, but is reliable, guaranteeing an uptime of over 95%.

Customer Tailored Solutions

Hiperbaric has extensive experience in integrating HPP systems. Our range of equipment is the widest in the world with 5 different vessel sizes (between 55L and 525L), with the option to add intensifiers to adapt to the level of productivity.

Integrated Design and Easy Cleaning

Hiperbaric is the only company capable of offering the largest equipment with built-in intensifiers installed above, for a more compact design and cost savings for the customer. With Hiperbaric's integrated design, high pressure intensifiers are close to the vessel, which reduces operating fatigue (less pressure drop), and requires a shorter HP tube (consumable part).

Innovation and Continuous Development

Hiperbaric allocates up to 10% of its revenue to R&D, which in turn enhances the design of the machinery to offer the best equipment in the world.

Independent Intensifiers

If any of the intensifiers needs to be repaired/revised in the middle of production, it is possible to disconnect it and carry out maintenance, while the machine continues to operate with the rest of the intensifiers, ultimately reducing downtime. Hiperbaric is the only equipment producer with this advantage.

Multi-plate Yoke

Hiperbaric offers a solid yoke made up of steel plates that are several centimeters thick. Its excellent resistance tolerates deformation caused by high pressures and oxidation derived from water filtration. This implies an optimization of costs, since it does not require annual inspections and avoids the installation of a new yoke that would cause the complete stop of the machine.


Our vessels have a new design that was implemented in 2013 and has allowed us to extend their useful life, substantially increasing their reliability.

Production of Own Spare Parts

Hiperbaric is responsible for the production of 95% of the components, offering full reliability and allowing us to offer extremely competitive prices.

High Pressure Tubes

Hiperbaric is the only manufacturer to have developed a specific tube system to withstand high pressures with a proven durability of 50,000 cycles at 6,000 bar in 9/16” tubes.


Custom built automation solutions adaptable to any unit at any stage:

  • Automated turnkey solutions: product handling, loading and unloading.
  • Peripherals that improve efficiency such as hoppers, container loading and unloading systems, and post-HPP water dispersers for containers.
  • Customized product containers/transporters.