At Hiperbaric, we offer free consulting and product development advice to optimize flavor, texture and appearance profiles prior to their launch.

Our HPP specialists guide you through the performance of each HPP test conducted in our facilities

Optimum times, pressures, packaging, recipe modifications… our HPP experts will answer all the doubts that arise in the development of a new product. Hiperbaric is your HPP partner. Contact us!

Team and service

Hiperbaric has a highly qualified team of professionals who offer technical support to food and beverage manufacturers with product development and validation of new HPP products.

Hiperbaric’s Application team is comprised of PhD’s and MSc’s specialists in food science and safety. With over 20+ years of HPP experience, we can assist with:

  • Development of food & beverage products: juices, coffees, meats, sausages, fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, prepared dishes, baby and pet food, ...
  • Carrying out a preliminary study of the product typology, to offer the client alternatives aimed at satisfying the needs of the end consumer.
  • Conveniently adapting the HPP processing conditions to each product to make it safe and natural.
  • Complying at all times with the current regulations of the destination country.
  • Designing validation studies.
  • Offering efficient, personalized and direct attention, without intermediaries.


Hiperbaric has two pilot plants, located in Spain and the US, specifically designed and equipped to proof your recipes using our HPP unit. Our pilot plants include a food science kitchen with all the equipment required to simulate the production conditions of various foods on a laboratory scale.