High Pressure Processing Pilot Plants

High Pressure Processing Pilot Plants

Complimentary product development support for food & beverage manufacturers


The Hiperbaric HPP Incubator is a testing hub with state-of-the-art high-pressure processing pilot plant equipment that supports food entrepreneurship and value-added food & beverage products.

At both pilot plants, companies receive free HPP testing and consulting for product development, packaging performance, and shelf-life and validation testing support.

The goal is to educate and help companies determine if HPP is a viable technology for their products.

Whether it is creating a new recipe in our kitchen, testing packaging, or coordinating a shelf-life study, Hiperbaric is here to guide you throughout the process.

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Hiperbaric has a highly qualified team of professionals who offer technical support to food and beverage manufacturers with product development and validation of new HPP products.

Hiperbaric’s Application team is comprised of PhD’s and MSc’s specialists in food science and safety.
With over 20+ years of HPP experience, we can assist with:

  • Determine if HPP is suitable and can improve product quality and safety.

  • Support with product development and formulation.

  • Design and optimize HPP treatment protocols. The pressure, temperature and hold times vary between products. The applications team helps customize HPP parameters.

  • Test the efficacy of product packaging for HPP protocols and recommend HPP packaging suppliers.

  • Assist with regulatory compliance to meet food safety regulations of the destination country.

  • Offer efficient, personalized, and direct support without intermediaries.

  • Design validation studies through our HPP Academia Network to verify microbial inactivation and shelf-life extension.

Pilot Plant Locations

Our HPP specialists will guide you through each HPP test. Our pilot plants include a food science kitchen with all the equipment required to simulate the production conditions of various foods on a laboratory scale.