Discover the history and evolution of Hiperbaric

We are celebrating 25 years of effort, work, dreams, and illusion. 25 years that have allowed us to position ourselves as a worldwide pioneer in the development of high pressure technologies, and to fly the flag of innovation with every step we have taken. All this has been thanks to our people, a highly committed, enthusiastic, and talented team, who have always believed in the Hiperbaric project and have given their best to make it possible.


In this timeline, we review the most relevant milestones of our first 25 years of life. It has not been an easy road, but a rewarding one. We invite you to get to know our exciting trajectory and thank all the people who have been part of our journey.

Nuestro origen: proyecto I+D

Our origin: R&D project

It all started in a small boiler-making workshop called Amahe as an R&D project led by Andrés Hernando, CEO and founder of Hiperbaric, and executed by interns; one of them, Santiago Tárrago, is today our R&D Director. This project, belonging to an industrial group from Burgos specialized in mechanics, consisted of designing industrial equipment for food processing by high pressure or HPP. A technology that allows extending shelf life and guaranteeing food safety without the need to add preservatives or additives and maintaining all the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the product.
2001 First HPP prototype in operation

First HPP prototype in operation

Two years after starting our R&D project named San Mateo, we had our first prototype HPP equipment of 110 liters and 5000 bar in operation.
2002 First HPP equipment installed

First HPP equipment installed

In 2002, Campofrio, one of Spain's most recognized meat brands, installed the world's largest commercial HPP equipment at that time, which had a capacity of 300 liters and operated at 5000 bar.
2004 ASME Certification

ASME Certification

In 2004, we obtained the ASME certificate, which is essential to reach the US market, as the USA is the leading HPP market worldwide.
2006 Presence in 4 continents

Presence in 4 continents

In 2006, we had equipment installed on four continents, including the countries such as USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, England, Japan, and New Zealand.


This year, we were honored with the FEMEBUR award, which holds great value for us. It helped us gain visibility and attract talented individuals to our project.
2008 International recognition and growth

International recognition and growth

We were proud to receive the IFT Innovation Award in 2008 for our development of the Hiperbaric 420 equipment, which was the most productive of its kind at that time. As our company continued to expand, we increased our presence in different countries, and within just six years, we had established a presence in a dozen countries around the world.
2009 Inauguration of our facilities in Burgos

Inauguration of our facilities in Burgos

We were driven by the desire to grow and had plenty of enthusiasm. In 2009, we inaugurated our headquarters in Burgos, Spain. We also installed 50 machines worldwide, which was equivalent to having one team for every employee. We have been continuously exporting our products since then.
2011 FAE Award for the integrated design of our HPP equipment

FAE Award for the integrated design of our HPP equipment

We were honored to receive the FAE Innovation award in 2011 for the integrated design of our HPP equipment. This new design not only enhanced the performance of our machines but also reduced their footprint. This differentiating charactersitic is still maintained by us today, making us the only company worldwide to offer integrated HPP equipment.
2012 New corporate image

New corporate image

In 2012, we updated our corporate image to create a simplified brand identity that was linked to our activities.

Opening of Miami office

We established our Miami office with the goal of providing better customer service to our North American clients, as more than half of our equipment is installed in this region. Initially, we started with a team of five people, which has now grown to more than fifteen colleagues.
2013 We installed our HPP equipment nº100

We installed our HPP equipment nº100

We continued on our path to success, installing more and more high pressure processing equipment and expanding our frontiers. In 2013, we installed our 100th unit.

Birth of the Hiperbaric Challenge

The Hiperbaric Challenge was launched in 2013 as a collaborative effort by Hiperbaric and Desmasa. It is a national-level educational program designed to inspire scientific curiosity among young students in Spain. The challenge is open to students studying in their 3rd and 4th years of ESO, Bachillerato and Formative Cycles. The objective is to design and construct a prototype of an inertial car. The teams then compete in an official inertia car race held in Burgos against federated teams to test their prototypes.
2015 Record turnover and presence in the 5 continents

Record turnover and presence in 5 continents

In 2015, Hiperbaric expanded to six new countries, including South Africa, and sold more equipment than ever before, solidifying its presence in five continents.

National and international awards

This year is one that we'll never forget. We were awarded the Edison Award in New York for our contribution to innovation and technological progress, which has helped improve the daily lives of our users. Additionally, we were honored with the CEPYME award in the category of International Development by King Felipe VI.
2016 Business diversification

Business diversification

In 2016, we made a decision to diversify our business strategy by developing technologies related to high pressure but applied to sectors other than food. Our focus on innovation, together with our expertise and specialization in high pressures, allowed us to take the first step in creating two new successful business lines.

HPP Equipment No. 200 and start of HPP In-Bulk technology

At the same time, we began validation of our Hiperbaric HPP Bulk technology, a world innovation that would allow for the first time the high-pressure processing of bulk liquids prior to packaging or bottling.

Launch of web portal for customers

In 2016, we introduced our customer portal, which is a digital platform that enables our customers to effectively manage the process of consulting and ordering spare parts in real-time. This portal provides a broad range of solutions, including easy online ordering, a robust search engine, manuals and publications, explanatory videos, and more. This is a unique feature that sets us apart from our competitors and offers our customers a superior experience.
2018 New shareholding situation

New shareholding situation

In 2018, the industrial group that Hiperbaric was a part of had been sold to an American group. However, thanks to the efforts of Andrés Hernando, along with the commitment and teamwork of the team, Hiperbaric was able to maintain its identity and presence in Burgos. This prevented the relocation of some of the most skilled staff and the transfer of decision-making to the United States. As a result, Hiperbaric has emerged stronger from this process and has been able to strengthen its partnership with its long-standing strategic partner, Desmasa

Launch of Hiperbaric HPP Bulk technology

In 2018, we launched our Hiperbaric HPP Bulk technology after more than two years of development. The first equipment was installed in 2019 near Paris, making it a true world innovation for high-pressure liquid processing. This technology offers increased productivity, full process automation, and the ability to process HPP liquids in bulk before packaging. This disruptive technology has won numerous international awards since then.
2019 Launch of HIP technology

Launch of HIP technology

We have launched a new technology called Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) after several years of research and development. This process is used to densify metal and ceramic parts by applying high levels of pressure (up to 2,000 bar / 200MPa) and temperature (up to 1,450 °C). It makes them more mechanically sound and increases their quality, which is especially useful for sectors like aerospace or medical implants. HIP is also ideal for post-processing metal parts that are made using additive manufacturing or 3D printing.

Celebration of our 20th anniversary

On November 6, 2019, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Hiperbaric at our headquarters in Burgos, Spain. It was a special moment that we wanted to share with many people who had supported us during this time. We gathered more than 500 people from over 15 nationalities, including employees, key partners, suppliers, customers, and authorities to celebrate this milestone.
2020 We installed our HPP equipment nº300

We installed our HPP equipment nº300

We celebrated the sale and installation of our 300th HPP machine, this time to one of the leading avocado companies in Mexico. We have expanded our presence in the HPP market by installing our first machine in the pharmaceutical sector in Europe, and another one for the biotechnology sector in Asia.
2021 Launch of hydrogen compression technology

Launch of hydrogen (H2) compression technology

Thanks to our extensive experience in R&D and deep knowledge of high-pressure technologies, in 2021 we began to participate in a crucial stage of the hydrogen value chain. Our aim is to contribute to the increased use of hydrogen as an energy source for sustainable mobility and economy.

Given hydrogen's low density and large volume at room temperature, it is necessary to compress it to very high pressures (between 350 and 900 bar) in order to store it and use it efficiently. This compression process densifies the hydrogen, making it easier to handle and transport.

First H2 compressor installed

In 2021, we supplied the National Hydrogen Center (CNH2) with the first high-pressure hydrogen compressor. The compressor has been installed at a hydrogen plant in Puertollano, Ciudad Real. It has the capacity to supply hydrogen to over 100 passenger cars within 24 hours, at a pressure of 900 bar.

Transforming Hiperbaric into a Digital Connected Factory 4.0

In 2021, we initiated a project to automate and digitally transform Hiperbaric's production process. The focus is on integrating 4.0 technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Edge Computing (EC), and Augmented Reality (AR). The primary objective is to achieve manufacturing excellence in high-pressure equipment by implementing a fully digital and interconnected production process.

Launch of Hiperbaric's website in China

In 2021 our website was launched in China. Asia is the region that has exhibited the highest growth rate in recent years and has the greatest potential for the implementation of HPP technology. China is at the forefront of this trend, and therefore, we have decided to enter this market by launching a complete digital strategy in China.
2022 First H2 compressor installed outside Spain

First H2 compressor installed outside Spain

This year we installed our first compressor outside Spain, this time to supply hydrogen to the refueling station for sustainable buses in the German city of Bielefeld.

New shareholding

The founding and management team gradually increased their ownership of the company to 55%. Eventually, they completed the process of buying the company under the leadership of Andrés Hernando, who serves as the President and CEO. In 2018, Hernando led the acquisition of the company with the majority shareholding of the investment fund Alantra, which previously held 60% of the company. Alantra then reduced its stake in Hiperbaric's corporate structure, which opened the way for new shareholders to enter, as previously agreed upon four years earlier.

Triple AENOR certificate for Quality, Environment and Health & Safety

The certificates confirm that Hiperbaric has implemented its management systems correctly and in accordance with international standards. It has shown good practice in the areas of quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 45001), and occupational health and safety (ISO 14001) which it has been committed to for many years.

We lead the ValorH2 project

ValorH₂ is a group of companies that have joined hands to investigate various processes involved in the green hydrogen value chain. This includes the generation, compression, storage, transportation, and final use of green hydrogen. The primary objective of the consortium is to make the processes more efficient, reduce the economic cost, and minimize the carbon footprint. The project is being led by Hiperbaric, in collaboration with Aciturri, Adisseo, Ariema, Desmasa, DGH Technological Solutions, and MTorres, who are all leaders in their respective sectors. Additionally, thirteen Public Research Organizations (PROs), including technology centers and universities at the national level, are providing their support to the project.

50th machine of the Hiperbaric 525 model, the largest on the market.

By 2022, Hiperbaric will have sold fifty Hiperbaric 525 machines in under a decade. This represents an annual growth rate of 20%. The Hiperbaric 525 is the world's largest and most productive HPP system, with a capacity of 525 liters and a diameter of 380 mm. It has an output of over 3,200 kilograms per hour, making it perfect for large manufacturers and third-party service providers, also known as tollers.
2023 New R&D project for HIP technology

New R&D project for HIP technology

Hiperbaric, Nanoker, and Fagor Electrónica are collaborating to pioneer the development of semiconductor chips using high isostatic pressures within the PERTE Chip. This project is part of the DioSiC consortium, which includes other Spanish companies such as Nanoker, a manufacturer and supplier of advanced nanocomposite ceramic products, and Fagor Electrónica, a company specialized in electronic and digitalization solutions. The project involves groundbreaking research in the development of high-end chips made from silicon carbide (SiC) that will be processed through Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) within the PERTE of Microelectronics and Semiconductors, known as PERTE Chip. This will be made possible with the use of the HIP 20 prototype, which can reach temperatures of up to 2000°C and pressures of up to 2000 bar.

First H2 compressors installed in France

In 2023, we installed four H2 compressors in Western France as part of our macro agreement with the French company Lhyfe. Lhyfe is one of the world's pioneers in producing green and renewable hydrogen. As per the agreement, we will supply hydrogen compressors to Lhyfe, which they will deploy in various European projects in the coming years. This agreement is the largest H2 contract ever signed by Hiperbaric

Uptime System: new customer portal

Hiperbaric is proud to announce the launch of Uptime System, our new web platform designed to help our customers manage their spare parts orders and consulting process effortlessly. With Uptime System, you can expect to receive your spare parts within 24 hours of placing your order. This platform offers a variety of helpful features, including easy online ordering, a powerful search engine, access to manuals and publications, and informative videos. At Hiperbaric, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service, and Uptime System is just one of the many ways we strive to achieve that goal.

Web presence in Arabic, South Korea, Vietnam and Japan

We are launching four websites in their respective languages to target the most promising markets for HPP technology.