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Procesado para la conservación de alimentos

Due to the demographic characteristics of the Asia and Pacific region and its consumption trends, high pressure processing (HPP) has had an increase in demand by local industries in a variety of sectors. Join us on Wednesday, August 26th, for our upcoming webinar in English, “HPP Products in the Asia-Pacific Market”, to learn about the HPP Asia and Pacific market and the many benefits it offers products in this region.

The rise of HPP products in Asia and Pacific

As discussed in one of our previous blog posts, the Asia-Pacific region has become an emerging market for high pressure processing (HPP) products. Consumers in these vast geographic areas have joined the global trends of consuming healthy and natural foods.

HPP is a non-thermal preservation technology that uses water at room temperature (4-25° C) to generate pressure levels up to 6,000 bar (87,000 psi / 600 MPa), meeting all the requirements demanded consumers:

  • Inactivates foodborne pathogens and spoilage microorganisms
  • Preserves the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of products
  • Can be applied to a wide range of applications

For these reasons, HPP is becoming more prevalent within the food and beverage industry in the Asia and Pacific region.

Primary HPP applications in this region

Originally, most of the HPP equipment in this region was destined to process coconut water and meat products, such as Moira Mac’s, Tender Choice Foods, and Luohe Shuanghui, for export to Europe and other Asian countries. However, since then many other applications have been making their way in this emerging market.


Figure 1. Asia and Pacífic, a young and emerging market
Figure 1. Asia and Pacífic, a young and emerging market

The Asia and Pacific region has a young population, with an average age of around 30 years and an increasing purchasing power. This has contributed to the rise of convenient products that are not only easy and quick to prepare, but also healthy and attractive. For this reason, ready-to-eat (RTE) meals, especially fruit and vegetable-based, and functional beverages with “super-food” ingredients, are the main HPP applications in this region.

Within these applications, we can find some of our most prominent customers, such as Bless, Cold Pressure (Inside Out), Kakui Foods, The Soup Spoon, and Yewon (Yemat 1004).

Another great example is the application of HPP on durian paste in Asia-Pacific countries, such as China. Our client Duria Manufacturing was one of the pioneers in the use of HPP on this unique fruit that has a strong flavor and odor, both characteristics that are lost during traditional pasteurization processes. However, thanks to HPP, it not only preserves these properties but also prolongs the shelf life of these products and enhances food safety by guaranteeing a 5 to 6-log reduction.


Figure 2. Duria Manufacturing. Source: company website
Figure 2. Duria Manufacturing. Source: company website

HPP third-service providers, also known as HPP-tollers, are also a growing business in Asia-Pacific, allowing small companies to focus a large part of their budget on marketing and advertising, leaving production and processing to a taller. A prime example of an HPP-toller in this region is our customer, Warehouse Logistics Net Asia (WLNA).

Currently, there are more than 50 Hiperbaric HPP units installed in the Asia and Pacific region, of which 21 are confidential, due to the innovative nature of the process and the application. Hiperbaric is present in Australia, Russia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and many other countries in this area. that process all kinds of products. Due to the large demand we had in this region, in 2018, we opened an office in Singapore, to streamline and improve our attention and customer service.

Webinar: HPP Products in the Asia-Pacific Market


We invite you to learn about the HPP Asia-Pacific market and the many benefits it offers products in this region through this interesting webinar in English that will take place on Wednesday, August 26th at 2pm (Singapore / Taiwan) / 4pm (Sydney) / 8am (Madrid). We will discuss:

  • The Asia and Pacific HPP market and products in this region
  • High pressure processing (HPP) benefits and Hiperbaric’s range of HPP equipment
  • The inactivation of microorganisms through the use of HPP technology
  • Case Study by Warehouse Logistics Net Asia (WLNA), HPP-toller



To learn more about this webinar or the advantages associated with HPP, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to assist you.

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