Hiperbaric´s extensive install base includes customers offering their high pressure processing services to other agrifood industries. This business model makes sense because it allows any food or beverage manufacturer to have access to industrial HPP equipment without the need of directly investing capital in the purchase of Hiperbaric technology. Instead, they simply pay for the use of existing HPP industrial plants offering this service on a toll basis.

Thus, users of these HPP toll processing services add value to their products through some or all of the various benefits that this technology offers:  whether it’s the product shelf life extension, or a constant maintenance of the nutritional and organoleptic quality, or the lethality intervention on possible pathogens present in the product.

Hiperbaric has customers offering their HPP technology and processing capabilities in Spain, Italy, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Mexico, USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.


Some of our HPP Toll Processing Customers: