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Procesado para la conservación de alimentos

High pressure processing (HPP) is the only non-thermal preservation technology for avocado products that meets the high-standard requirements of both consumers and manufacturers: premium quality, clean label, safety, and extended shelf-life. Join us for our next webinar – HPP for Avocado Products: Shelf-life Extension, Clean Label and Premium Quality. We hosted the English webinar on Wednesday, July 15th and the Spanish webinar on July 22nd.

Avocado is a fruit in great demand today due to not only its flavor and texture, but also its nutritional benefits:

  • Low in cholesterol and sodium content
  • Source of fiber, vitamin C, K and folic acid
  • Made up of mostly unsaturated fat

However, getting it to the consumer with its properties intact is a complicated task that high pressure processing (HPP) has successfully solved.

Avocado Products and HPP: A historical relationship with a bright future

As stated in our post “HPP Avocado and Guacamole: a non-stop growing segment”, the development of avocado is closely linked to HPP technology since it allows us to produce a preservative-free product, rich in nutritional properties and flavor.

Guacamole and avocado products have been successfully processed using HPP worldwide, dating back to 1996. In fact, HPP technology began its industrial revolution at the hands of avocado manufacturers. In this link, you can see how HPP technology is applied to avocado products, and in this other, you can learn about the different avocado manufacturers currently leveraging HPP.

The last milestone that has taken place in the context of this close relationship between HPP and the avocado industry is that Hiperbaric has come to an agreement to install its 300th HPP machine with Calavo Growers, one of the most representative leaders in the Mexican avocado industry. You can read the full story here.

HPP benefits for avocado products

High pressure processing can be applied to a range of avocado products, including guacamole, purees, sauces, beverages and chunk pieces. Regardless of the application, the benefits remain unchanged. HPP offers food safety by achieving several log reductions of main pathogens such as Salmonella spp., Escherichia coli, Campylobacter spp. and Listeria monocytogenes. The numbers of lactic acid bacteria, and other spoilage indicators are drastically lowered, extending the shelf-life of HPP avocado products over two- or threefold compared to original shelf-life. In addition, HPP allows the development of natural, healthier, preservative-free avocado based products. It permits the design of additive-reduced formulations, satisfying consumers; demands for clean-labeled avocado products.

In summary, and referencing what was presented at the World Avocado Congress, held in Medellin, Colombia on September 2019, the benefits of HPP for avocado products include:

  • Allows the processing of avocado pulp in various ways.
  • The end product obtained has a greater added value.
  • Reduces financial losses associated with food waste due to expiration or non-compliance with aesthetic standards (well defined oval shape for fresh consumption).
  • Shelf-life extension allows for market expansion opportunities.
  • The avocado can be differentiated by identification of origin.
  • Aligns with food safety requirements, since HPP avocado products are free of pathogenic bacteria, which gives it Access to export markets.

  • Avocado shelf-life extends to 60 days in refrigerated conditions and up to 2 years by freezing, which makes it easy to transport to regions where it is not possible to arrive fresh.
  • The browning of the avocado product is prevented and the properties of the fresh product are maintained, which mean san organoleptic advantage.
  • The use of preservatives is avoided or reduced, which allows avocado to be classified as an organic, natural product without additives.
  • The technology is sustainable since it only needs water and electricity.
  • The reduction of bacterial flora (lactic and coliform), gives a higher quality of product
  • Enables innovative proposals that confer competitive advantages.

Webinar: HPP for Avocado Products – Longer Shelf Life, Clean Label and Premium Quality

In this webinar, we showed the characteristics, impact and benefits of high pressure processing in avocado products, as well as packaging options and the range of HPP industrial equipment designed by Hiperbaric.

In addition, we presented a case study by our customer, Fresh Innovations (Yo Quiero! Brands), who currently leverages our HPP technology for their guacamole products. They discussed how HPP has been fundamental to their success by providing a safe, nutritious, and premium product to their customers.

The event ended up with a Q&A session where everybody was able to answer all their questions and doubts. If you missed it, we invite you to contact us at [email protected] to ask for the recording of the full webinar.


  • Roberto Peregrina, Hiperbaric, CST. HPP Technology for avocado products – what it is, how it is applied and industrial HPP equipment
  • Vinicio Serment, Hiperbaric, HPP Applications & Food Processing Specialist. HPP Effects for avocado processing: microorganisms control, shelf life extension and premium organoleptic quality
  • Ramón Paz-Vega, Zano SA de CV, CEO. Overview of the avocado processing industry
  • Jeff Morris, Fresh Innovations, President. Case Study by Fresh Innovations (¡Yo Quiero! Brands), guacamole manufacturer leveraging HPP

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us directly. We’d be happy to assist!

22 October, 2022

Is HPP use limited to only guacamole? Can it be applied to halve avocado without adding antibrowning agent?

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