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Procesado para la conservación de alimentos
  • Hiperbaric has positioned itself as the global leader in High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology in the last 20 years due to the reliability and efficiency of its HPP equipment and the design and automation for turn-key solutions for food & beverage manufacturers.
  • The Spanish-based, multinational company, has more than 250 clients across the five continents that use HPP equipment to process their products.

Burgos, Spain, June 30, 2020

Calavo Growers, Inc., a leading global avocado and guacamole producer, has acquired Hiperbaric’s 300th high pressure processing (HPP) machine, to be installed in Mexico. The Hiperbaric 300 is one of the most economically competitive HPP machines, with a capacity of 3,100 lbs. per hour. With this additional capacity, Calavo Growers, Inc. is able to continue scaling and increase its avocado operation.

Hiperbaric, the global leader in HPP technology, reaffirms its leadership, as it holds the largest portfolio of HPP machines installed worldwide, with more than 250 customers and 60% market share. Equipment reliability, personalized attention by its technicians, after-sales and applications departments, as well as extensive product research and engineering developments, has positioned Hiperbaric as a global leader in HPP technology.

In addition to this milestone, Hiperbaric recently celebrated the January 2020 installation of the first Hiperbaric 525 Bulk Hiperbaric’s exclusive HPP technology for beverages – at the French company Ateliers Hermes Boissons (AHB), and the November 2019 expansion of its facilities in Burgos, Spain.

“We are proud of this accomplishment and that Calavo, one of the pioneers in the avocado industry, trusts Hiperbaric as their HPP partner. As a former professional in the avocado industry, I am proud to see the growth and solidification of this industry, as well as advances in avocado preservation. Hiperbaric’s HPP technology allows producers to create safe, great-tasting, nutritious products, without preservatives, while extending shelf life,” says Roberto Peregrina, director, Hiperbaric USA.

Calavo Foods, the company’s processed products division, manufactures nearly 100 patented brands and flavors of fresh-frozen and refrigerated guacamoles using high pressure processing technology in its 90,000-square-foot facility.

“Calavo is synonymous with quality because we have always been one step ahead in all production areas, in defining standards for avocado handling, and the implementation of HPP, which guarantees the safe production of healthy and tasty guacamole, with a shelf life of 50 days. Partnering with Hiperbaric has been one more step towards providing high-quality avocado products,” said Ron Araiza, Vice President, Foods Division.

Calavo becomes part of a long list of companies around the world, which have benefited from the added value that Hiperbaric brings in its industrial equipment and customer service.

Two decades evolving together with recognized international brands

Twenty years ago, the Burgos meat manufacturer, Campofrío, acquired the first horizontal HPP equipment in the world, a Hiperbaric 300. This first machine industrialized a technology that until then was almost exclusively used in laboratories.

Today, hundreds of international brands and products are sold thanks to Hiperbaric’s HPP technology. The company offers the most advanced and reliable range of equipment on the market to produce innovative, safe and minimally processed foods and beverages that maintain their shape and nutritional and sensory characteristics.

Companies worldwide have relied on Hiperbaric They include beverage producers  Evolution Fresh, Raw Pressery and PreshaFruit, to RTE meal companies The Soup Spoon and Villa Food, to seafood processors that use HPP for meat extraction like Seafarers and Cinq Degres Ouest.

“These 20 years of innovation and growth have given rise to interesting synergies and collaborations around the world and many more will follow, because satisfying the present and future needs of our clients is our driving force,” said Andrés Hernando, Hiperbaric CEO.

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