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Procesado para la conservación de alimentos

Established in 1983 by Moira & Dean Russell. This family owned business continues Dean’s passion for delivering great tasting food that goes back to his father, a very successful butcher with shops in Tasmania and Melbourne.

Moira, Dean and the team at Moira Mac’s are proud to continue this tradition today using only the finest Australian sourced poultry to create great tasting, convenient and high value added product now enjoyed Australia wide.

From humble beginnings in regional Victoria Moira Macs was the first Australian company investing in High Pressure Processing Technology in the meat & poultry industry, adding its first unit in 2010 which helped creating additional 25 jobs from the 40 already employed back then.

This technology allowed Moira Macs to break into Australia’s large supermarket industry offering a competitive edge against traditional products.

Thanks to high pressure processing, as well as their unique processing methods they were first-to-market offering low-salt, preservative-free, additive-free product, maintaining that fresh authentic flavor of  chicken, turkey, beef or whatever meat products they put through and extended shelf life.

To continue leading their way fulfilling latest consumer trends and increasing demand 2017 was decisive for Moira. The company decided doubling its processing capacity by adding a large High Pressure unit, enabling them facing the challenges of the upcoming year and keep momentum on their continuous expansion and growth.

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