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Procesado para la conservación de alimentos


As an R&D-driven company in Hiperbaric, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience of HPP’s effects. That’s why we proudly offer the HPP Incubator Program, a unique and successful opportunity for anyone interested in trying our cutting-edge technology. This exclusive HPP testing not only allows you to witness the transformative effects of HPP but also provides valuable insights and technical support in the company of our Applications Team. The HPP Incubator Program is a space where great ideas can come alive, as demonstrated by the success story of Goddess Mousse.

About Goddess Mousse

Kellan Navarre, the founder of Goddess Mousse, embarked on a journey of innovation and discovery. She started producing different clean-label tofu-based products, sharing her creations with her family and friends. Recognizing the potential of her successful product, she aspired to expand its horizons. However, she faced a challenge: her products were highly perishable, limiting their shelf life. In her quest for a solution, Kellan discovered High-Pressure Processing, a non-thermal technology that could extend the shelf life of her products without compromising their quality. The success of Goddess Mousse is a testament to Kellan’s entrepreneurial spirit and the empowering effects of HPP technology.

Kellan Navarre, founder of Goddess Mousse


The first thing she did was reach out to our Applications Team. She wanted to understand if her product was compatible with HPP, and our team, with their extensive knowledge and experience, was able to provide the necessary guidance and support to make it a reality. After exchanging some emails, Kellan visited the HPP Incubator in Miami, where she gained valuable experience after testing her product with HPP. Through these visits and trials, she was able to find the perfect formulation and HPP parameters and learn more about the different packaging options suitable for HPP. Now, Kellan is a few months behind in commercializing her products in various retail spaces.

“After 3 years of the process validations, I have been able to extend the shelf life of a low acid vegan chocolate mousse product from 10 days to 60 days with improved taste and phenomenal texture.”

This is just one example of how our Applications Team can help you turn your innovative ideas into commercially successful products.

How can I participate in the HPP Pilot Plants & HPP Incubator?

Embark on this pressurizing adventure with us, starting from an innovative idea. The Hiperbaric HPP Food Applications team, a group of seasoned food science and safety experts, is here to provide comprehensive guidance and support. With over 20 years of HPP experience, our team has led the HPP Incubator Program, offering complimentary technical support and solutions to food and beverage manufacturers interested in high-pressure processing. You can trust us to be your partners on this journey.

Applications Team

Getting started is easy. Simply share your product information, including details like product type, ingredients, and physicochemical parameters such as pH, water activity, or Brix. Then, let us know why you are interested in trying our technology. This initial step will help our Applications Team better understand your needs and how we can assist you.

Our team of experts can also guide you on:

If you want to learn more about the history of Kellan Navarre and Goddess Mousse, check out the session he held on June 18 at the latest edition of HPP Innovation Week. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain valuable information and expand your knowledge.

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