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Procesado para la conservación de alimentos

Ventolini becomes the first producer of HPP (High Pressure Processing) Ready-To-Eat (RTE) meals in Colombia, following the acquisition of a high pressure processing equipment from Hiperbaric, the world leader in the development of high pressure technology.

Diego Sardi, Ventolini CEO, and Alejandra Sardi, Production Director, with the high pressure machine.
  • The company acquires a Hiperbaric high pressure processing (HPP) equipment, with a production of 6,400 kilos per day
  • Ventolini offers maquila service to Colombia’s food industry to extend the benefits of HPP technology.
  • ‘Solo Ventolini’ fresh fruit juices reach 45-day shelf life, with clean label and food safety assurance

The Colombian brand also produces and markets its own line of ‘Solo Ventolini’ juices, a selection of high pressure treated (HPP) juices with the unique ingredients of strawberry, pineapple, tangerine, papaya, beet or lemon. “No sugars, only natural ingredients. Thanks to the HPP technique we have achieved safe juices, free of possible pathogens, without additives and with a shelf life of up to 45 days”. “We acquired the high-pressure technology because it guarantees fresh and safe products, and we also achieve a revaluation of the food, since its shelf life is considerably extended,” says Diego Sardi, CEO of the company.

Ventolini has launched a line of HPP RTE dishes, ready to eat and without the need for freezing, since thanks to the high pressures a shelf life of up to 60 days is achieved. “We are going to build in Colombia the market of HPP ready-to-eat dishes: only with natural ingredients, like homemade, but with the guarantee of food safety and knowing that you are eating in a healthy and natural way”, indicates the entrepreneur.

High-pressure processing is a cold pasteurization technique and is based on applying high levels of water pressure up to 6,000 bar (600 MPa / 87,000 psi) for a few minutes on previously packaged foods. “This pressure preservation technique is a gentle and respectful treatment of food, it allows to extend its shelf life while preserving its nutritional properties, while dispensing with preservatives, colorants… It is simply a sensational technique and at Ventolini we are great believers in this technology” declares Sardi.

Colombia and cold high pressure, a story in the making

High-pressure or cold pasteurization is one of the food industry’s answers to Colombia’s growing demand for healthy food and the search for clean-label products: natural, authentic, safe and additive-free. “High pressures have great growth potential in Colombia. The way of eating at home has changed as well as consumer preferences, especially when it comes to cooking,” says Natalia Sardi, Ventolini’s Marketing Director.

“There is still quite a lot of unawareness about HPP technology in Colombia, and we have put our focus on educating the consumer to learn about this technique that is so beneficial to their diet.”

Diego Sardi and Alejandra Sardi with HPP products by Ventolini

Tolling service for the food industry

Ventolini installed at the end of 2022 a Hiperbaric 55 equipment with the capacity to process 270 kilos/hour of product, being able to reach 6,400 kilos per day. “We offer tolling service with our HPP equipment for other food brands that want to benefit from the enormous possibilities of high-pressure technology.” High-pressure processing can be applied to a wide variety of products, from juices, guacamole, sauces, all kinds of purees and baby food, to meat, ready-to-eat meals, fish and seafood opening, among others.

Among its portfolio of customers already working with HPP technology is a leading meat brand that processes its products on Ventolini’s HPP equipment, “and is offering the consumer additive-free, fresher and safer meat products”.

Ventolini also has agreements with universities in the region to disseminate high-pressure technology among researchers and food technologists. “The potential of high pressures is immense and we feel the obligation to disseminate it, since our mission is to generate wealth in our environment and positively impact the quality of life of people,” says Sardi.

Ventolini, brand growth and consolidation

The company has just celebrated its 64th anniversary. Founded by Italian businessman Giancarlo Ventolini, it began as a modest ice cream store in the city of Cali. Forty years ago it passed to the current owners, the Sardi family led by husband and wife team Diego Sardi and Isabella, who turned it into the national supplier of ice cream and pastries, diversified the business with new food applications and expanded the company nationwide.

More than a decade ago, the company diversified its business by entering the maquila business serving well-known brands, including supermarkets and the retail and HORECA channels. Currently, at its Cali plant, Ventolini produces around 28 tons of food per day, especially ice cream and cakes, operating three production lines and two sales channels. It has more than 40 stores in Colombia, reached US$37 million in sales in 2023 and employs close to 600 people.

High pressures to continue growing

As part of its expansion process, the company acquired the high-pressure technology from the manufacturer Hiperbaric in 2022. “Once I discovered the great potential of this technique, I focused on finding the best manufacturer of HPP technology, and we met Hiperbaric. We quickly discovered why it is the world leader in this technology: the quality of its machines and the extraordinary service they offer.”

For Andrés Hernando, CEO of Hiperbaric, “we are proud to be the HPP technology supplier for Ventolini. We are confident of their growth thanks to the opportunities that the high pressures will open up for them”. The HPP machine is now on a mission to open up new opportunities, where Ventolini’s R&D area is working on the development of new products for consumers. “The HPP technology presents itself as a key differentiator for our company. So far the machine has been a catalyst for the development of new products and has allowed us to access in an innovative way in the production of juices and ready-to-eat meals,” says Natalia Sardi, Marketing Director.

The development of sustainable packaging is also a crucial aspect of the process at Ventolini, reflected in the use of environmentally friendly materials such as recycled PET and the constant search for greater use of reused plastics. For more information:


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