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Procesado para la conservación de alimentos


“We want healthy eating to be within everyone’s reach every day, which is why we never lose sight of our values in everything we do: innovation, quality and 100% natural.”


One of the reference companies in Italy dedicated entirely to fresh fruit, Macè immediately distinguished itself as an innovative and groundbreaking company, introducing high pressure processing technology (HPP) in Italy in 2010. We traveled to Sant’Agostino, a few kilometers north of Bologna (Italy) to learn from Paola Pivetti (CEO) and Giovanni Gallerani (R&D Director) how HPP has revolutionized Macè’s way of working, allowing the development of high value-added products such as fruit and vegetable juices and sauces.

Macè: a passion for fresh fruit and vegetables

Macè was founded at the beginning of the millennium in Sant’Agostino (near Bologna) as an Italian company entirely dedicated to fresh-cut fruit products; it quickly distinguished itself as an innovative and pioneering company.

Macè has a wide selection of fresh and natural products, conforming to a portfolio in constant evolution. Starting with the production of fresh-cut fruit, today the juices extracted from fresh fruit are its core business and can be found in the major Italian and European chains.

Macè’s HPP juices portfolio


As a result of this constant innovation, in the last 2 years, Macè has launched a line of fresh pestos, sauces and purees (hummus, guacamole, etc.) that are having an excellent response both in food service and retail.

Macé’s HPP sauces portfolio


Innovation in search of healthy and accessible food

From day one, Macè wanted to contribute to a healthy and quality diet, taking care of every stage of the process from the selection of raw materials to their further processing. Its vision as a company is to offer healthy food within everyone’s daily reach.

That is why, in everything they do, they never lose sight of their three main values: innovation, quality and 100% natural. And a great help in this task has been provided by Hiperbaric’s HPP technology.


“We select the best fresh fruit and process it with passion,  technology, and respect for the environment”.


HPP: A Strategic Alliance for Macè

High pressure processing (HPP) is a non-thermal food preservation technology that applies high hydrostatic pressure to food and beverage products in their final packaging, inactivating foodborne pathogens.

The way HPP works is straightforward: it applies high levels of isostatic pressure transmitted by water for a few minutes, uniformly to all points of the packaged product, which deactivates the mentioned microorganisms without damaging the nutritional characteristics of the product.

Unlike thermal methods, HPP preserves the nutritional and sensory properties of the food. Moreover, HPP-treated products have the advantage of having a fresh-like quality and, at the same time, a longer shelf life than untreated products, which reduces food waste and discards.


Instalaciones-HPP-de Macè



In the case of Macè, cold press juices already bottled as well as pre-packaged pesto and sauces are introduced into the HPP unit, where they remain for a few minutes at low temperatures and very high pressure (around 6,000 bars). A shelf life of at least 60 days is achieved, preserving the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the fresh ingredients.

Macè and Hiperbaric: a long-term partnership on HPP technology

In the words of Giovanni Gallerani, Macè’s R&D Director: “We chose Hiperbaric as our HPP manufacturer because their machines are characterized by their reliability, thanks to their continuous innovation and efforts to develop HPP technology”.

Since the beginning, Macè has been growing both in terms of product portfolio and production volume. This is why throughout its history it has had several Hiperbaric HPP units, from a Hiperbaric 55 (the smallest unit) to a Hiperbaric 300, until reaching its current situation with two Hiperbaric 420 units



“We chose Hiperbaric as our HPP manufacturer because their machines are characterized by their reliability, thanks to their continuous innovation and efforts to develop HPP technology”


“In addition, Hiperbaric has a highly qualified team of food technologists specialized in HPP applications and a 24/7 after-sales service with engineers always available to provide direct assistance,” comments Giovanni, “A fast and efficient service that guarantees the good performance of our HPP machines.”


Hiperbaric Global Community and Macè

Discover the success story of Macè thanks to HPP technology in this video of our Hiperbaric Global Community.

If you want to know more success stories around the world, visit our Hiperbaric Global Community video gallery.


Do not hesitate to contact Hiperbaric if you have any further questions or would like to discuss any topic related to the application of our HPP technology.

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