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Hiperbaric HPP Automation

With more than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of industrial equipment for High Pressure Processing (HPP), Hiperbaric also designs, manufactures and supplies tailor-made, flexible and personalized solutions for the automation of HPP equipment for food & beverage products. These services cover automation, material handling and industry 4.0.

Advancements in Process Automation & Material Handling

Hiperbaric Automation Systems provides operational efficiencies, substantial labor reduction, increased productivity, and strict traceability. Our extensive experience allows us to solve any industrial challenge to improve HPP operations at any stage by offering a wide variety of fully customized comprehensive solutions tailored to the production needs of our customers.


Hiperbaric Automation Systems

HPP Automation: Robotic Load and Unloading

As a post-packaging process, high pressure processing (HPP) requires the loading of packaged products into baskets, which is often a manual process. Pre-feeders and robotic unload solutions allow manufacturers to improve processing efficiencies, while also reducing heavy loading, which can result in injuries, and labor costs.

HPP Automation: Robotic Load and Unloading


Material Handling Equipment

Material handling is known to be tedious, labor-intensive and repetitive. Companies can optimize production, improve efficiency, and promote operator safety by using custom carriers, carrier carts, elevators, turntables, tote-dumpers, pre-feeders, and dryers.


Minute RFID & Data Matrix

RFID tags and Data Matrix codes placed on the HPP baskets can help manufacturers track inventory, automate setup, and provide strict traceability and reliability ensuring that all products are processed.

Minute RFID & Data Matrix


Conveyors, Robotic Pick & Place and Robotic Case Packing

Increase throughputs with shaker conveyors, robotic case packers, and robotic pick & place systems. After HPP, shaker conveyors remove the excess water on the packaging. Robotics can then pick single or multiple items to pack single or multiple cases per cycle.

HPP Robotic Pick & Place

Benefits of an HPP Automation Line

Automating the HPP process through Hiperbaric’s Automation Solutions offers many advantages including increased productivity, cost savings, traceability and operator safety.


  • Maximize production productivity by increasing throughput, production line speed and efficiency.

Cost Savings

  • Reduce overall labor costs by 60% by moving from a manual batch process to an automated process.


  • Provide strict traceability and reliability ensuring that all products are treated and packaged correctly.

Operator Safety

  • Increase safety by preventing operator injuries that could occur with manual, repetitive movements.


Benefits of an HPP Automation Line

Evolution Fresh, a Bolthouse Farms subsidiary, uses Hiperbaric automation equipment to HPP its cold-pressed juices. The company reports the following benefits, including 15% improvement in overall equipment effectiveness, 90% reduction in injuries, 50% reduction in transportation waste and 50% reduction in line labor.

As a post-packaging process, HPP requires the loading of packaged products into baskets, a manual process. Pre-feeder stations and robotic unload solutions allow Evolution Fresh to improve processing efficiencies, while reducing potential manual labor injuries and costs.



Hiperbaric Offers Turn-Key Automation Solutions for High Pressure Processing (HPP)

High pressure processing (HPP) is one of the fastest growing technology sectors, and Hiperbaric is proud to be at the forefront of industrial HPP automation with innovative, tailor-made and turn-key solutions. Integrating automation into upstream and downstream HPP processes, we help customers with palletizing, raw material storage and retrieval, and more.


Hiperbaric HPP Automation Systems


Our engineering team proudly partner with leading edge technology companies in the automation space to develop personalized turn-key solutions. Our complete system capabilities allow us to design a seamless, tailor-made production line that is efficient and reliable. From processing to palletizing, we can automate it all.

Contact us to speak with our engineering team and discover our HPP automation solutions.

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