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Procesado para la conservación de alimentos
Hiperbaric at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023

Gulfood Manufacturing_Hiperbaric

Hiperbaric will present its latest innovations at Gulfood Manufacturing, the leading event for the food and beverage manufacturing industry in the Middle East. This is a market in which HPP (High Pressure Processing) technology is gaining traction and has great potential due to the demand for fresher, healthier products with clean labels. The Spanish company aims to consolidate its leadership role in this market.

The Middle East market is not isolated from global food trends, and the demand for fresher, healthier products with clean labels is also on the rise in the Middle East, with fresh juices taking center stage. In the culinary field, consumers are very demanding in terms of the quality of raw materials, processed products, and the presentation of dishes. However, the increasingly urban lifestyle, in which time is scarce, has increased the consumption of ready-to-eat products.

These consumer trends align perfectly with the benefits offered by high pressure processing (HPP) technology, making the Middle East a market with significant potential. In this context, Hiperbaric could not miss the region’s most important event in food and beverage industry technology: Gulfood Manufacturing.

Hiperbaric at Gulfood Manufacturing

As a world leader in HPP technology, we will showcase the benefits of this technology such as ensuring food safety by inactivating pathogens, extending shelf life, and reducing or eliminating additives and preservatives, all while retaining the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of the product. Our colleagues Jorge Marraud (Asia Director) and David Flores (EMEA Sales Manager) will be pleased to welcome interested parties to Hall 4 – Stand B4-50.

Stand Hiperbaric Gulfood Manufacturing

Solutions to be presented:

  • The widest and most reliable range of HPP equipment with capacities ranging from 270 kg/h to 3,210 kg/h. See equipment.
  • HPP Support Program: All the support, guidance, and services you need to carry out your project. From highly personalized attention, free testing with advice from our HPP application experts in our pilot plant or HPP Incubator, to a unique 24/7 after-sales service where a specialized engineer is always available to assist you.
  • Hiperbaric HPP Automation Solutions: Tailor-made, flexible and customized automation solutions for all types of food production lines working with Hiperbaric HPP units.
  • HPP kegs for offering juices on tap: The world’s first keg for HPP beverages, ideal for a market with many juice bars and where juices are the most common beverages in bars and restaurants.
Kegs llenos de zumo introducidos en contenedor HPP listos para ser procesados
Kegs filled with juice placed in a basket ready to be HPP’d


Gulfood Manufacturing

Gulfood Manufacturing 2023 will be held in Dubai from November 7-9. Gulfood Manufacturing has become the quintessential trade show for the food and beverage manufacturing industry in the region, providing a critical destination for those looking to accelerate technology adoption and improve efficiency and productivity. Undoubtedly, a must-attend meeting point that welcomes visitors from different countries in the Middle East as well as professionals coming from different Asian countries looking to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Middle East: A Growing Market for HPP Technology

Several Hiperbaric units are installed in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Qatar. This landscape will soon expand with the addition of new HPP projects in other countries in the region. Of particular note is the machine installed at Smart Food Solutions, Hiperbaric’s HPP toll processing center in Dubai. Its relevance lies in the key role it plays in the region by providing access to the technology for companies that want to take the initial step in applying HPP to their products. The following is an analysis of the HPP products with the greatest presence in this market.

HPP in he middle east

Juices and Beverages: The Big Players

With a largely Muslim culture, where alcohol consumption is restricted and temperatures are high, juices become the freshest, healthiest and most natural option. One aspect of consumption that surprises visitors is the number and variety of fresh juice options available, both in bars and on the refrigerated shelves of supermarkets. Since 2015, HPP juices have been present in Dubai, and have subsequently appeared in other emirates and countries – Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Lemon and mint lemonade, orange and carrot juices, juices with beet or pomegranate… are the most consumed options. Still, the influence of foreign markets such as the American one, has led to the launch of cleanse-type fruit and vegetable juices or green juices. Brands such as Essentially can be found in several stores and deliver their juices to homes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Only Fresh Cold Press produces its HPP juices in Istanbul.

Essentially juices Dubai
HPP juices by Essentially

Plant-based Dips and Salsas

Hummus: One of the trendiest dips worldwide originated in this part of the world. We already referred to it in another article where we showed the growing trend of HPP hummus consumption in markets such as America and Europe. The reason why this snack is so trendy is because of its delicious taste, convenience, and content of vegetable protein and healthy fats. Thus, we have a healthy, natural and easy-to-consume snack. This type of product finds HPP to be the perfect ally since it maintains its flavor, freshness and extends its shelf life (up to 12 months!) without chemical additives.

Other HPP dips are also proliferating in the market, such as guacamole or avocado paste. These products have been available in Dubai for some years now with a shelf life of 30 days thanks to high pressure. Other sauces and dips, such as baba ganoush or tzatziki, have also emerged in the market.

Cheese and dairy products

Fresh cheeses are also available in their healthier and more natural version thanks to HPP. Other local products such as labneh, cream cheese or some yogurts also have great potential to extend their shelf life and improve food safety, as some fresh cheeses and dairy products have been linked to Listeria outbreaks in recent years. HPP guarantees brand protection since it inactivates Listeria and other foodborne pathogens.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are planning to attend Gulfood Manufacturing or if you have any doubts or questions about how to apply HPP technology to your products.

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