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Procesado para la conservación de alimentos

High Pressure Processing (HPP) has become the most popular food processing technology among brands and food companies. This is due to growing consumer demand for safe, additive-free food products with extended shelf life and premium quality. Join us on October 15th for a free, live webinar on Food Safety & Clean Label: Marketing the Benefits of HPP to Consumers, which will shed light on successful marketing strategies to communicate HPP benefits to consumers.

Consumer Demand for High Pressure Processing (HPP) Products

High pressure processing (HPP) has become increasingly popular due to consumer demand for fresh, natural foods with no preservatives. That interest has grown with COVID-19, as many foods and beverages pasteurized by HPP contain immune-boosting properties that consumers want.

With this trend, the food & beverage industry is experiencing a massive shift to produce foods with clean labels, meaning the product’s ingredients are fresh and natural without chemicals or additives. These foods have grown in importance as consumers carefully examine food labels to find the fewest or safest-sounding ingredients and least amount of “processing.”

Many of them have turned to High Pressure Processing, a non-thermal food preservation technology that uses water and high pressure to keep packaged foods pathogen-free and fresher longer. HPP applications include ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook meats, juices and beverages, guacamole and avocado products, baby food and fruit purees, salsas and dips, dairy products, seafood products, and ready-to-eat meals.

HPP also extends product shelf life, enabling producers to keep their products on the shelf longer, preserving food safety and reducing costs.


Good Foods and Evolution Fresh
Good Foods and Evolution Fresh

Food Safety & Clean Label: Marketing the Benefits of HPP to Consumers Webinar

In the latest in a series of webinars, Hiperbaric’s Food Safety & Clean Label presentation will shed light on successful marketing strategies to communicate HPP benefits to consumers.

Panelists include Anthony Zapata, Marketing Specialist, Hiperbaric; Tom Egan, VP, Industry Services, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI) and representative of the Cold Pressure Council (CPC); Joyce Longfield, R&D, Principal, HPP Applications, Good Foods; and Troy Hoover, VP, Supply Chain, Evolution Fresh, a Starbucks company. Wendy Alpine, president of Alpine Communications, will facilitate the webinar.

The webinar agenda includes:

  • Intro to High Pressure Processing, Consumer Trends and Livestream of the HPP Process
  • Communicating HPP Benefits through the Cold Pressure Council and High Pressure Certified® Mark
  • Case Study by Good Foods Group, Manufacturer of HPP Guacamole and Dips
  • Case Study by Evolution Fresh, Manufacturer of HPP Cold-Pressed Juices and Smoothies
  • Q&A moderated by Alpine Communications


Cold Pressure Council
Cold Pressure Council

The Organization Helping to Drive HPP Consumer Awareness

The Cold Pressure Council’s mission is to lead, facilitate and promote industry standardization, user education and consumer awareness of High Pressure Processing. Convened by PMMI, the council addresses questions about HPP while developing and formalizing best practices.

Hiperbaric is a founding member, in addition to Good Foods and Evolution Fresh, two leading food producers. The council seeks to grow membership now that HPP is more widely used in food production and many more products can be found on grocery store shelves, big box retailers and convenience stores.

Hiperbaric will hold the free, live webinar, Food Safety & Clean Label: Marketing the Benefits of HPP to Consumers, on Thursday, Oct. 15.


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