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Procesado para la conservación de alimentos
Hiperbaric Upcoming Tradeshows for 2023

Hiperbaric will be showcasing its High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology for food and beverages throughout 2023. We list out the trade shows and events you can find us at. Meet with the Hiperbaric team to help answer your questions regarding HPP technology.

Hiperbaric Upcoming tradeshows for 2023

During 2023, Hiperbaric, the global leader in High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology, will be showcasing the benefits of this non-thermal technology at various trade shows and events around the world.

This includes presenting the widest and most reliable range of HPP equipment on the market, our automation solutions to optimize production line productivity, and the multiple services we offer customers at all stages before and after the purchase of a piece of equipment.


Cross-cutting food industry trade fairs and events

These tradeshows and expos are a meeting point for food and beverage industry professionals, with a focus on production, processing and preservation of products.

Hiperbaric Pack Expo 2022 Booth
Pack Expo – October, 2022 (Las Vegas, USA)


Hiperbaric will be attending Expopack Guadalajara 2023

  • Expo Pack Mexico: June 13-15 in Gualajara (Mexico). For more information about the expo click here


Hiperbaric will be attending Pack Expo Las Vegas

  • Pack Expo Las Vegas: September 11-13 in Las Vegas (NV, USA). For more information about the expo click here.


Hiperbaric will be attending Alimentaria Foodtech

  • Alimentaria Foodtech: September 26-29 in Barcelona (Spain). For more information about the expo click here.


Hiperbaric will be attending Gulfood manufacturing

  • Gulfood Manufacturing: November 7-9 in Dubai (UAE). For more information about the expo click here.



Seafood: HPP helps reduce shucking labor and opportunities for value-add

The seafood category has been gaining more and more relevance in the use of HPP technology during the last few years, with two differentiated uses:

  • Mollusk and crustacean meat extraction. At pressures below 4,000 bar, HPP allows extraction of mollusk and crustacean meat without applying heat, allowing 100% of the meat to be obtained and extraordinarily reducing labor.
  • Cold pasteurization after packaging. At pressures between 4,000-6,000 bar, several logarithmic reductions of contaminating microorganisms (molds and yeasts, acid lactic acid bacteria and psychrotrophic bacteria) and pathogens (E.coli, Listeria spp., Salmonella, Vibrio, Anisakis…) are achieved in seafood products. Food safety is guaranteed, and shelf life is multiplied by 2 to 4 times, compared to the same unprocessed product stored under the same temperature conditions.

In both cases, the added value of the product is considerably increased thanks to its practicality and attractive presentation.

Hiperbaric Seafood Noth America 2022 Booth
Seafood Expo North America – March, 2022 (Boston, USA)

Meet with the Hiperbaric team to discover HPP for seafood processing at the following expos:

Hiperbaric will be attending Seafood Expo North America

  • Seafood Expo North America: March 12-15 in Boston (MA, USA). For more information about the expo, click here


Hiperbaric will be attending Seafood Expo Global

  • Seafood Expo Global: April 25-27 in Barcelona (Spain). For more information about the expo, click here


Guacamole and avocado products, an inseparable alliance with HPP

Avocado products, led by guacamole, are currently in great demand for their flavor and texture, but above all for their nutritional qualities (very low in cholesterol and sodium; high in fiber, vitamin C, K and folic acid; most of the fat is unsaturated…).

However, getting it to the consumer with its properties intact is a complicated task that high-pressure processing, or HPP, has managed to overcome with remarkable success.

It was HPP technology that enabled the commercialization of a natural, additive-free guacamole that is now consumed globally. HPP technology makes it possible to significantly extend the commercial shelf life of guacamole and all types of ready-to-eat avocado products, keeping the color, aroma, and flavor intact so that the consumer perceives them as freshly made at home.

Hiperbaric Territorio Aguacate 2021 Booth
Territorio Aguacate – December, 2021 (Medellin, Colombia)

If you want to learn more about the application of high pressure processing on avocado and its products, visit us at:

Hiperbaric will be attending World Avocado Congress 2023

  • World Avocado Congress on April 2-5 in Auckland (New Zealand). For more information about this fair click here.


Raw pet food, safety and quality guaranteed with HPP

Raw petfood is an area where demand has increased in recent years as many pet owners seek healthier alternatives for their pets.

Some of these raw foods may contain pathogenic bacteria that can cause illness. This poses a danger to both animals and humans. HPP inactivates 100% of these pathogens without the addition of chemical preservatives, while retaining all the raw benefits and nutritional properties.

Hiperbaric Superzoo 2022 Booth
Superzoo – August, 2022 (Las Vegas, USA)

Discover the benefits of HPP for fresh and raw pet food at:

Hiperbaric will be attending Superzoo

  • Superzoo, held in Las Vegas (NV, USA) on August 16, 17 and 18. For more information about this show click here.


Congresses and technical events

For our Food Processing & HPP Applications team, it is crucial to share the latest advances and developments with other industry colleagues. A good meeting point for those responsible for quality, food safety and product development in the food industry are food safety congresses. ICEF is the first of these, with more to come as the year progresses.

Hiperbaric will be attending ICEF 2023

  • ICEF: June 20-23 in Nantes (France). For more information about the congress click here.


If you want to be aware of all the tradeshows in which we will be present, dates, number of Hiperbaric’s stand, etc.: check our calendar of events here, which we will be updating throughout the year.

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