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  • The founding and management team assumes greater control of the company reaching 55% and culminates Hiperbaric’s acquisition process.
  • The company INNVIERTE, whose sole shareholder is the CDTI, joins the new shareholder structure as it considers Hiperbaric to be a strategic Spanish industrial technology company.
  • The company obtains the support of new investors with minority shareholdings to continue the business and industrial growth path of recent years.

The founding and management team of Hiperbaric, a pioneering Spanish high-pressure technology company, has become the main shareholder of the company with a 55% equity stake. The valuation for 100% of the company in this purchase transaction is 267 million euros.

Andrés Hernando, founder and CEO of Hiperbaric.

In this way, the current management of the company culminates the process of buying the company, under the leadership of its President and CEO Andrés Hernando, who in 2018 led the acquisition of the company with the majority stake in the shareholding of the investment fund Alantra, which had 60% of the company.

The Alantra firm has reduced its stake in Hiperbaric’s corporate structure, allowing the entry of new shareholders, as was foreseen in the agreements set four years ago. In the new composition, the private equity firm has a 10% stake in the company. “The relationship with Alantra is satisfactory; the company’s profitability growth objectives have been met, as well as the promotion of innovation with the development of new business lines,” Hernando emphasizes.

Hiperbaric, a world leader in the manufacture of high-pressure equipment for the food industry, with a 60% market share, is one of the leaders in hydrogen technologies. The excellent performance of its business in recent years, from its headquarters in Burgos, has made the company an international benchmark in the design, manufacture and marketing of high-pressure industrial equipment.

Incorporation of INNVIERTE as a shareholder 

This leadership position has led the company INNVIERTE Economía Sostenible SICC SME S.A. to become a shareholder of Hiperbaric. The objective of INNVIERTE, whose sole shareholder is the Center for Technological Development and Innovation (CDTI) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, is to promote business innovation by supporting venture capital investment in technology-based or innovative companies.

Hiperbaric’s innovative trajectory over the last 23 years, its consolidated leadership in the sector and the opportunities that are opening up in the field of high-pressure compression of green hydrogen have been decisive factors for the CDTI and INNVIERTE to consider Hiperbaric as a strategic Spanish industrial technology company, according to Javier Ponce, General Director of the CDTI.

The rest of the company’s shareholding is 100% Spanish and is diversified by local entities such as the banking foundation Caja de Burgos, industrial entrepreneurs Ginés Clemente and Gerardo Gutiérrez through their family offices, and small private investors with a direct link to the company.

The company’s current objectives are focused on maximizing business growth, generating knowledge and technological development with innovative business areas, and continuing to promote the training of its human team. “Hiperbaric’s new shareholder structure is fully aligned with our business vision and is an essential factor in strengthening our leadership in the world of high-pressure technology,” adds Hernando.

Hiperbaric, world experts in high pressures

Founded in 1999, the company is dedicated to the design, manufacture and commercialization of industrial machinery based on the application of high pressure technologies. Hiperbaric has a strong international character, exporting 90% of its equipment to more than 50 countries in the five continents. The company is recognized for its trust, its customer support, its teamwork and high investment in R&D.

For two decades it has been a supplier of machinery for High Pressure Processing (HPP) applied to the food sector, where it holds more than 60% of the market share. In 2019, as a result of an R&D project, it opened a new business line focused on the design and development of industrial equipment for Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) used for critical industrial components focused on the aerospace, energy, oil & gas, automotive and medical implants sectors.

Sede de Hiperbaric en Burgos (España).

In 2021, Hiperbaric launches another innovative line of business: Hydrogen Compression (H2) technology at very high pressure, to participate in the challenge of sustainable mobility and decarbonization of the industry, through the use of green hydrogen (from renewable energies) as an energy vector. Hiperbaric has made its first installations of compressor units for projects in Spain and Germany.

Hiperbaric is headquartered in Burgos, Spain, where its production plant and R&D center are located. It has subsidiaries in the United States (Miami), Mexico and Asia (Singapore) and commercial and technical offices in Oceania. It currently has more than 140 people in its team, 65% of whom have a university degree.

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