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Procesado para la conservación de alimentos
HPP Automation

Aware of the needs of food and beverage companies to optimize production processes, increase performance rates and save costs in order to be more competitive, at Hiperbaric we design, manufacture, and supply tailor-made solutions for the automation of HPP production lines for food and beverage products. These services cover robotics, material handling, and Industry 4.0. Discover our last 3D video showing a fully-automated production line featuring the Hiperbaric 525 unit.

High-pressure processing (HPP) is one of the fastest-growing technologies within the food and beverage industry, and Hiperbaric is proud to be at the forefront of HPP industrial automation with innovative and tailor-made turnkey solutions. By integrating automation into upstream and downstream HPP processes, we assist customers with palletizing, storage, and retrieval of raw materials, etc.

Our engineering team prides itself on collaborating with leading automation technology companies to develop customized turnkey solutions. Our complete system’s capabilities allow us to design a customized, efficient, and reliable production line. From processing to palletizing, we can automate it all.


HPP Automation Systems

Hiperbaric Automation Systems provide operational efficiency, substantial manpower reduction, increased productivity, and strict traceability. Our extensive experience allows us to solve any industrial challenge to improve HPP operations at any stage. We offer a wide range of fully customized end-to-end solutions tailored to our customer’s production needs.


3DVideo: Fully-automated production line featuring the Hiperbaric 525 machine

Experience a fully automated production line. See firsthand how robotics and automation technologies are seamlessly integrated into a single machine, showcasing the most advanced solution for HPP production


Line design for process automation

Development of complex, safe, and reliable solutions for complete workstations with customized solutions.

HPP automation: robotized loading and unloading

Turnkey automation for handling, loading, and unloading of products with customized software development.

Conveyors, packers, robotic picking, and placing

Containers and product conveyors are customized and adapted for each segment and food sector.

Auxiliary and peripheral equipment

Auxiliary equipment to all our HPP In-Pack units, and peripherals such as hoppers, container loading and unloading systems, post-HPP air blowers for containers, etc.

Equipment start-up

Our after-sales service offers worldwide support, installation, and commissioning of industrial equipment with the guarantee of the industry leader.

Diagnosis, monitoring, and maintenance

Highly qualified personnel in robotic technology and applications will carry out diagnosis, monitoring, and maintenance 24/7.


Advantages HPP automation

Hiperbaric's robotic picking and placing solution
Hiperbaric’s robotic picking and placing solution

Using Hiperbaric’s automation solutions for the HPP process offers a wide range of advantages and benefits for companies that choose to implement this advanced technology. On the one hand, it saves time, as more processes are carried out in a shorter period of time, maximizing production throughput.

It also brings greater productivity and brand benefits, improves sustainability, and reduces food waste, as through automation, production processes can be optimized and controlled more precisely, leading to a significant reduction in waste and a lower environmental impact.

At the same time, it contributes to consistently high levels of food quality and ensures food safety when treated by HPP. Finally, it reduces labor costs thanks to more efficient and safer systems.


Case Study: Evolution Fresh, HPP benchmark through automation

Evolution Fresh, a subsidiary of Bolthouse Farms, relies on Hiperbaric HPP automation systems to produce cold-pressed juices. The company reports the following benefits, including a 15% improvement in overall equipment efficiency, a 90% reduction in injuries, a 50% reduction in transport waste, and a 50% reduction in line labor.

As a post-packing process, HPP requires the loading of packaged products into containers, which is a manual process. Robotic loading and unloading solutions have enabled Evolution Fresh to improve process efficiency while reducing potential injuries and labor costs. Discover their success story in this video:

About Hiperbaric

Hiperbaric is the world’s leading supplier of High Pressure Processing (HPP) equipment for the food industry.

Since its foundation in 1999, Hiperbaric has designed, developed, produced, and marketed the best HPP equipment worldwide. The company is renowned for its reliability, customer service, teamwork, and continuous R&D efforts.

Hundreds of companies around the world use Hiperbaric equipment for processing juices and beverages, meat, fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, and ready meals. As a versatile technology, HPP can be applied to a wide range of foods.

With global headquarters in Spain, the company also has an office in Miami to serve the North American market. Contact us to speak to our team of engineers and find out more about our high pressure technology, HPP equipment, and automation solutions.

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