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Procesado para la conservación de alimentos

At Hiperbaric, we’re proud to partner with mission-driven innovators like Sandridge Crafted Foods, who are setting the benchmark for quality in premium ready-to-eat (RTE) foods while rapidly expanding their retail and foodservice footprint. Read morea bout their story below:

Chef Crafted Ready-to-Eat Meals Powered by HPP


The Sandridge Crafted Foods story began over 60 years ago when Vince Sandridge started making salads out of his family’s kitchen. Fast forward to today, what was once a small operation selling to a few local delis has blossomed into Sandridge Crafted Foods.

Under the leadership of Jordan and Dane Sandridge, the company offers a variety of salads, soups, sauces, sides, and proteins, and is a leading manufacturer of fresh, refrigerated, ready-to-eat meals across North America.

Commitment to Quality

Delivering consistent chef-crafted quality and freshness on a national scale requires industry-leading production capabilities and a relentless focus on preserving their product’s taste, texture, and nutritional integrity. 

This obsession sparked Sandridge’s pioneering adoption of High Pressure Processing (HPP). HPP utilizes intense cold water pressure to inactivate foodborne pathogens and extend shelf-life, while uniquely maintaining nutrients and freshness.

Sandridge has multiple production facilities from where they aim to deliver on their promise of “Remarkably Fresh Chef Crafted Food”. Their Ohio headquarters houses state-of-the-art cooking lines and equipment like kettles for layering bold flavors into soups and sauces. In Illinois, Sandridge has a meat processing facility, here they utilize precision sous-vide to craft proteins and specialty dishes. HPP lines tie these processes together, boosting food safety while preserving the fresh flavors from their sous vide and kettle cooking methods.

For Sandridge, implementing HPP across refrigerated portfolios like fresh soups and salads was transformative. “HPP was a big, hairy, audacious goal my dad challenged us with – create bacteria-free fresh processed food,” recalls Dane Sandridge.

Their company’s insistence on RTE dishes matching just-prepared quality yet safely holding up over distribution drove their status as early pioneers in HPP. This also prompted them to implement quick processing and cold chain distribution to ensure that just-made freshness when their foods arrive at stores.

Their innovation team led by Chef Dan Zakari was tasked with creating new recipes and flavors not previously commercially possible without compromising on their strict standards around premium quality food. This product development initiative allowed expansion from salads into full meal offerings allowing Sandridge to specialize in sides, soups, sauces and sous vide proteins for retail and foodservice partners.

Backed by years of experience and an emphasis on innovation they successfully harnessed HPP’s advantages. Leveraging consistently safe, high quality, nutritious food Sandridge built consumer trust and loyalty at retail while convincing leading restaurant chains and food retailers to reliably stock their offerings nationally.

The Future of Premium RTE

Through three generations of family ownership, Sandridge’s brand remains synonymous with comforting, authentic home cooking. As tastes evolve, their top-tier culinary team innovates to meet changing demands while still honoring that legacy.

Sandridge finds itself perfectly positioned to lead innovation in the booming premium RTE segment. Their heritage mastery, willingness to invest early in HPP, and caring, quality-focused culture makes Sandridge a partner retailers and restaurants trust to deliver the future of food.

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