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Procesado para la conservación de alimentos

Universal Pasteurization Company LLC will host the second summit dedicated to HPP technology (High Pressure Processing) which will be focused on the food and beverage industry. The event will be held October 2 – 4, 2017 at the Atlanta Marriott Buckhead Hotel and Conference Center.

This summit will bring together leading experts from the food industry specializing in diverse fields from food science to marketing, including food safety, legislation but also HPP users. All attendees will be representatives from leading companies in the sector.

The Summit will mesh food and beverage manufacturers, retailers, educators, government agencies, machine manufacturers and HPP service providers for panel discussions, breakout sessions and special keynotes from experts in food and beverage formulation, processing, regulation, marketing and retailing. Attendees will enjoy catered meals and engaging conversations with an array of thought leaders in the food and beverage industry. The event is designed for anyone involved in foods that are conducive to HPP and for all levels of HPP familiarity.

“Our own research is suggesting that increased consumer demand for fresh, cleaner-label foods is affecting almost every refrigerated food and beverage producer,” said Mark A. Duffy, CEO of Universal Pasteurization. “This attitude change, as well as the continued implementation of new food safety rules from the FDA, USDA and other regulatory authorities creates a ripe environment for discussion and insights on HPP.”

Agenda highlights include (

  • “Current Landscape of Food Safety,” by David Acheson, president and CEO at the Acheson Group– When implementing HPP, companies need to tailor the process to their products to ensure the treatment is effective. Acheson explains how regulatory agencies evaluate HPP as a food safety step to help companies comply with their standards.
  • “CDC Perspective: Changing Landscape of Foodborne Disease,” by Arthur Liang, senior advisor for disease prevention, Centers for Disease Control– HPP has become a legitimate lethality step to prevent food spoilage. In this presentation, Liang offers the CDC’s stance on how HPP fits into companies’ HAACP plans.
  • “Increasing Civil, Regulatory and Criminal Exposure for Food Safety Failures: What Every Food Executive Must Know,” by Shawn Stevens, food industry attorney and lawyer at Food Industry Counsel– Food safety laws can be complex, especially when exploring advanced technologies to prevent food spoilage. Stevens equips attendees with the information they need to be prepared for HPP.
  • “The Meteoric Rise in Flexitarian Eating and How HPP Can Play a Role,” by Barb Stuckey, president and CIO at Mattson – Today’s consumers are paying close attention to product labels and the foods they choose to eat. With changing consumer diets comes changing food and beverage trends. Stuckey offers insights into how a flexitarian diet, or primarily vegetarian and occasionally omnivorous, has affected food producers.

The HPP Summit is open for registration at, and hotel reservations can be made at Potential attendees can learn more at

If you want to know more about HPP, do not hesitate to contact Hiperbaric, the global leading supplier of High Pressure Processing equipment for the food industry.

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