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Botanica 2Qantas Trend Consultant, supermodel Jessica Hart is sharing her health and wellness knowledge with fellow passengers, with the airline implementing some personal recommendations from Jessica to help travellers step off a Qantas flight feeling refreshed and energised.

Qantas will begin introducing a number of simple strategies aimed at minimising the effects of air travel in consultation with Jessica.

Jessica said cold pressed juices are a trend internationally due to the health benefits, and this month Qantas chose to introduce cold-pressed green juices from local Sydney-based juice company, Botanica, which will be served on its domestic business class menu.

Cold pressed juices are a really popular health trend across the globe, especially in New York and LA where I spend a lot of my time, so it’s great to see Qantas not only serving them inflight but sourcing its juices from a small Aussie business,” she said.

Another introduction is room temperature lemon-infused water to offer passengers throughout their journey, which has a dual purpose of rehydrating the body while the fresh lemon helps to decrease acidity in the bloodstream and reduce inflammation.

“Eating and drinking on flights has always been a way to help pass the time but people are becoming increasingly health conscious and are looking for ways to ensure they arrive at their destination feeling at the top of their game after a long flight,” Ms Hart said.

Jessica will also provide in-seat exercise tips in an upcoming edition of Qantas, Spirit of Australia inflight magazine, as well as featuring on the inflight radio channel with her favourite relaxing “travel tunes”.

“There are many little things people can do that can make a big difference to their overall travel experience,” Ms Hart said.

Botanica Co-Founder Richard Magney said supplying Qantas was a massive coup for the Australian based business.

“The great thing about our partnership with Qantas is that we have a unified vision, and that is to offer healthy options that still taste great.

 “With our green juice, we have found the balance between what we call the ‘bliss point’, which means the juice tastes great, and is also unbelievably healthy.

“Considering we started only a couple of years ago, it’s amazing that we are now serving our product onboard Qantas planes, which is also a great boost for our brand,” Mr Magney said.

Using a cold pressed extraction technique developed by the founders specifically to target the extraction of chlorophyll from dark leafy green vegetables, Botanica green juices are hydrating while being low in carbohydrates.

Botanica cold pressed juices are served daily on domestic business class breakfast menus on flights between the east and west coasts of Australia.

Qantas’ inflight menus on domestic and international flights feature lighter options including grilled fish and ingredients such as kale, quinoa, pearl barley and faro regularly being served in salads. Fresh whole fruit is also available onboard most flights.

 About Botanica 

In just two years, founders and couple Richard Magney and Nadia Watson have grown Botanica to become the largest wholesaler of authentic cold pressed juices in Australia.

Specialising in raw, premium grade cold pressed green juice, the company started out in a small kitchen in Camperdown, New South Wales, before moving to a factory in Alexandria where its output has increased 5000 per cent.

 The company motto is ‘fresh is best’ and all their juices are made with fresh vegetables and fruit that are delivered from the farm to the factory six days per week.

The juice is made using a cold pressed extraction technique developed by the founders specifically to target the extraction of chlorophyll from dark leafy green vegetables.

Botanica green juices combine kale, celery, green apple, silverbeet and lemon to provide a hydrating and low carbohydrate juice.

Supplying Qantas is the first time the company has expanded beyond cafes, food stores and gyms, and the contract has meant the company was able to speed up the innovation of their business to move towards high pressure processing.

 Qantas_L-R Qantas Flight Attendant Michael Cook; Botanica team Grant Swanepoel, Richard Magney and Nadia Watson. Image credit Brent Winstone.





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