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The abuse in the exploitation and consumption of fossil resources for mobility around the world has led humanity to an unprecedented environmental crisis. It is time to spread the message of green mobility to all corners of the planet, with hydrogen (H2) being positioned as a key fuel in the transition to a new, more sustainable model. Thanks to continuous efforts in innovation and in the development of high-pressure technologies, Hiperbaric delves into the high-pressure hydrogen compression process for its use in all types of transportation without greenhouse gas emissions.

The current framework of our planetary reality is damaged by the environmental crisis, a growing and devastating depletion of natural resources and the pollution generated by their exploitation, transportation, and massive consumption. One of the best-known examples is the oil and large amounts of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere in any of its processes. In order to put a halt to this ecological crisis, this destructive situation demands change to continue developing advanced societies.

Currently, oil is one of the most widely used and polluting non-renewable fossil resource on the planet and its use is mainly distributed between fuels and raw materials from the chemical industry.

Aligning with the European Commission’s commitment to hydrogen, last November 2020, Spain joined the Long-Term Global Decarbonization Strategy (ELP 2050) with its roadmap, which will reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) by 90% compared to 1990. This green economy climate ambition of most of the world´s countries is already a present reality.

Green H2 allows the production of 100% clean energies free of GHG emissions

We must take advantage of the full potential of the energies that come to us naturally and without a cost, leaving behind the extraction of those that have existed for millions of years in the depths of the earth. If we consider the Kardashov scale (a method proposed in 1964 to measure the technological evolution degree of a civilization) where three categories are proposed and based on the amount of energy that a civilization is capable to use from its environment, the human civilization is at the lowest level of type I evolution. That means that we are still extremely far from what is considered to have full control of our planet´s resources.

Renewable energies to obtain Green Hydrogen

We’re looking at the bright side and taking small steps that will put us in the right path for a more sustainable future. It is important to note that nature provides the perfect solution through an endless supply of an element that is capable to store energy: HYDROGEN (H2). This molecule is not found freely but it is obtained through different methods. It can be compressed thanks to its low density, stored in different ways and used as clean fuel. As amazing as it might seem, this is a milestone that humans have already been able to reach. For the futuristic version of H2 nuclear fusion, we will still have to wait a few more years, possibly centuries.

On the path to the ecological transition, there is an increasingly present alternative for obtaining H2 from renewable energies, such as solar or wind power, and through the process of water electrolysis, which is one of the methods to obtain renewable or green hydrogen.

High-pressure hydrogen compression

Within this framework, Hiperbaric is a key driver and is committed to the green economy to curb climate change. As the global leader in high pressure and with an eye on the Sustainable Development Goals: 7 (cleaner fuel), 9 (offering new technology and more efficient use of energy), 12 (shifting to new patterns of consumption and production) and 13 (climate action), it offers a technological development of high-pressure H2 compression. This is a compressor that offers environmental conservation and sustainability, and whose use in mobility is focused on its implementation in recharging stations or hydrogenerators.

This innovative challenge offers the possibility of compressing green hydrogen as energy in the automotive sector, thus allowing cost reduction, further progress on the road to decarbonization and commitment to sustainable transport with low carbon emissions for cars, trains, ships, airplanes and a long list of industrial equipment. At the same time, hydrogen compression will allow the development of opportunities in different fields, such as in the storage process or in R&D processes on H2.

Hiperbaric’s high-pressure hydrogen compression technology plays a key role in the process of clean energy consumption.

Since we’re able to produce renewable energies, it is safe to say that we’ll be able to integrate H2 in our day-by-day as an alternative source, moving away from coal consumption and achieving the decarbonization of our planet’s mobility. The mobilization begins, will you join us?

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