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Procesado para la conservación de alimentos

edison awardsThe company from Burgos, World leading manufacturer of High Pressure Processing (HPP) equipment for the food industry, is the first Spanish SME nominated to this prestigious American recognition.

After 10 years working and continuous innovation, Hiperbaric is proud to announce that has been nominated to the prestigious Edison Award.

The Edison Awards recognize excellence in new product and service innovation, new technologies development and products that make a positive impact in the World. Some of the winners in last editions include entities such as Space-X, Apple, Discovery Education, Mayo Clinic, Boeing, General Electric, Starbucks and Tesla.

“Hiperbaric has always been committed to innovation and technology development; it is in our genes as organization. Even so, it has been a huge surprise that a relatively small company like ours had been nominated to this global recognition” said Andrés Hernando, founder and CEO of Hiperbaric.

Although the Non-Thermal Pasteurisation effect of high pressure on foods has been known since the 19th Century, it was not until the 1990´s that the first HPP products were developed. Since 2000, High Pressure Processing has been successfully implemented in all type of food industries worldwide. “Hiperbaric has always been on the cutting edge of this technique and we are World leaders since 2005. We want a better World with better foods, more natural, fresh and safe, and this technology can significantly contribute to this target” Francisco Purroy affirms. “We are really glad to be part of Edison Award´s history, although we know it will be difficult to win it, given that we compete for it with multinationals such as General Electric, Philips, Sony, Microsoft etc”.

Hiperbaric has increased its sales again in 2014 and it expects to finish this year with a new record of over 40m € turnover. Every year  Hiperbaric is selling more HPP machines for food than all its competitors combined, and it offers the larger, faster and more productive systems in the world.

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