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Hiperbaric Hydrogen Compression Factory
  • The company has generated a business portfolio of 20 new H2 units after installing ten compressor units in different European countries.
  • Thanks to the momentum and good performance of the business in Europe, the company plans to enter the U.S. market in 2025, where the hydrogen energy vector is expected to see a strong push.
  • Hiperbaric’s goal is to be the European leader in high-pressure hydrogen compression technology, as it is worldwide in high-pressure technology for food and beverage industry.

The Spanish pioneer in the development of high-pressure industrial equipment, Hiperbaric, has doubled its hydrogen compressor business in Europe. Specifically, the Burgos-based company has generated a business portfolio of 20 new hydrogen equipment to different European customers, both sustainable mobility and industrial, after installing ten compressor groups in different countries.

Hiperbaric Hydrogen Compression Factory
Green hydrogen compressor production plant at Hiperbaric’s Burgos site.

Thanks to the momentum of the green hydrogen business for the decarbonization of Spanish and European industry, and the good performance of the business in Europe, the company plans to start selling this technology in the United States in 2025, where it already has a strong foothold in the high-pressure technology market for the food sector as the leading company in the sector. “The U.S. offers many opportunities for green hydrogen compression technology and our goal is to make the leap into this market next year, starting expansion in the states of Texas and California,” explains Andrés Hernando, CEO of Hiperbaric.

The company’s strategic plan establishes maintaining the world leadership of the high pressure processing business line for the food industry, which it currently holds with more than 60% of the international market share, and which accounts for 90% of its current turnover, and to place the percentage of total turnover achieved with the green hydrogen compression technology at 45% by 2027.

Since the company began commercializing this technology in 2022, taking advantage of its experience and recognition in the design and manufacture of high-pressure equipment for the food sector, several milestones have been reached.

Hiperbaric was the Spanish company to supply the first high-pressure hydrogen compressor for sustainable mobility to the National Hydrogen Center in Puertollano, Ciudad Real, and to supply other equipment to the Power to Green Hydrogen project, the consortium led by Enagás, Acciona, Cemex, IDEA and Redexis, to deploy the green hydrogen ecosystem in Mallorca.

In addition, it signed the largest high-pressure compressor contract for green hydrogen in 2022 with France’s Lhyfe, one of the world’s pioneers in the production of green and renewable hydrogen, to supply compressors for several locations in Europe.

The company has also signed agreements to supply its technology to the municipal transport companies of Madrid (Serveo and EMT) and Barcelona. In the same line, agreements have been signed with the company Coagener to provide equipment for the commercial green hydrogen plant in Algeciras.

In Europe, in recent months the company has reached agreements to install its technology in the Netherlands and Sweden, establishing itself as the European reference in high-pressure hydrogen compression with solutions that drive the energy transition.

Key energy vector for decarbonization

Green hydrogen is set to become the zero-emission substitute for natural gas in the domestic and industrial spheres and for petroleum derivatives in the automotive sector. It is a key energy vector for decarbonization on Europe’s path towards a more sustainable economy. It is the great ally of renewables thanks to its storage capacity, which, however, due to its low density and large volume at ambient temperature, needs to be compressed for storage prior to use. “Although we cannot deny that the development of green hydrogen still faces significant challenges, there is no doubt that it will advance rapidly in the coming years because the technology is already mature, regulation has taken a great leap forward in recent years and infrastructures are already beginning to be a reality in Spain, Europe and the United States,” said Hernando.

According to the study Socioeconomic impact of the development of the hydrogen economy in Spain carried out by PwC, the green hydrogen economy in Spain will contribute more than 32,000 million euros to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and will maintain some 81,000 jobs each year during its development. “Green hydrogen is already becoming a key reality for the project we have as a country and also for the Europe project as an essential element of the roadmap towards decarbonization and energy autonomy,” concludes Hiperbaric’s CEO.

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