Baby & Infant Food is a sector in full swing, characterized by consumers reclaiming natural products with fresh ingredients while reclaiming compliance with highest food security standards.Because of this, many Baby&Infant food companies are looking for to offer high-nutritional-quality , natural and additive free recipes.

High pressures (HPP) are a highly effective hurdle against the development of bugs from ingredients and thus ensuring food security of your products without resorting to additives.

 As it is a preservative technology which does not involves heat and is applied to already-packed products, any possible recontamination that may occur during packing will be controlled, reinforcing your HAPPC plan.

Many customers from the European Union and United States trust us for meeting their high quality standards and offer a brochure of unique products.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know more and learn how HPP technologies can help your business.

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Some HPP product examples

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