More Yield, Less Labor, No Injuries

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Effortless Shucking: 100% Meat Removal

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Shelf-life Extension: Up to 14-21 days

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Food Safety: Vibrio & Norovirus Risk Reduction

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Non-Thermal 100% Natural Process

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is widely used in the seafood industry for shellfish shucking. The technology uses cold water at high pressure to recover 100% of the edible meat of oysters, lobsters, mussels, and other shellfish, which helps maximize yield, reduce labor costs, and avoid operator injuries.

Without the use of heat, HPP extends the shelf life of shucked shellfish meat up to 21 days, while enhancing food safety by inactivating viruses, bacteria, and parasites without affecting the natural freshness and taste of the meat.

Value-Added Seafood Products


Lobster Shucking

HPP improves food safety by destroying pathogens, increases productivity and maximizes labor usage, while extending lobster meat shelf life up to 18 days.


Pressure applied to oysters during the HPP process infuses the meat with a salty taste and separates the adductor muscle making the bivalve shells easier to open

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Crab Meat Extraction

HPP preserves crab meat's fresh flavor and texture while extending shelf life and allowing for ready-to-cook convenience without preservatives.

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