HPP Cold Brew Coffee

Preserve Coffee Quality & Safety

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Food Safety: 6-log pathogen reduction

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Shelf-life Extension: Up to 90 days

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Clean Label: No Preservatives

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Non-Thermal 100% Natural Process


High pressure processing (HPP) uses cold water at extreme pressure, up to 87,000 PSI, to inactivate microorganisms. This eliminates biological threats responsible for spoilage and foodborne illness, effectively increasing shelf-life to 90-days without heat or chemicals.

Safeguard your cold brew's distinctive flavor and health benefits with HPP. Learn how this innovative method stops spoilage while maintaining sensorial and functional properties.

Download our whitepaper to understand how HPP enables extended shelf-life without compromising on quality and safety.


Cold Brew Coffee Whitepaper

This whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of peer-reviewed research on using HPP for enhanced cold brew coffee safety and quality:

  • Effects on sensorial properties like aroma, flavor, and appearance
  • Impact on beneficial bioactive compounds and antioxidant capacity
  • Efficacy in inactivating pathogens, yeasts, molds, and other spoilage organisms
  • Role in extending refrigerated shelf-life

Want to know more about HPP?

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