At Hiperbaric, we are aware of the importance of contributing to social development, not only by manufacturing quality HPP equipment or promoting the advantages of applying high pressure technology to food and beverages, but also through initiatives that add value to society and we want you to participate in them. Find out what makes us tick!



Fomentamos proyectos que complementan la educación formal, a través de experiencias enriquecedoras y predominantemente prácticas.

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We actively collaborate with different solidarity initiatives and ensure that these collaborations are born from proposals made by our colleagues.

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We seek to ensure that our industrial activity has as little environmental impact as possible and we promote that responsible attitude in our workers.

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Hiperbaric's commitment to the SDGs

With the accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) marked by United Nations we measure our contribution of value to society, to achieve a sustainable future for everyone. These are the goals in which Hiperbaric participates.

  • SDG 3. Good Health and well-being
    Our technolgy HPP provides safe food, with longer shelf life and its organoleptic properties intact. We help maintain a healthy diet.
  • SDG 12. Responsible consumption and production
    We achieve sustainable production and consumption both for ourselves and for our clients with measures that control the efficiency of our resources to reduce our environmental impact.
  • SDG 7. Affordable and clean energy
    We are moving towards a more sustainable model. With the compression of renewable H2 we favour the transition towards sustainable mobility.
  • SDG 13. Climate action
    We develop compression technology for the transition towards the use of renewable energy and more efficient industrial equipment that mitigates climate change.
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The impact of our responsibility is greater if it is shared

But we do not undertake all these initiatives alone; we do so in collaboration with numerous private and public organizations and entities, both for-profit and non-profit. Because as we set out in our values:

  • A team generates more value, contributes more and achieves more and better results than an individual.