HPP aids seafood manufacturers to find the adequate balance between safety, quality, and regulatory compliance. HPP is a non-thermal technology that eliminates common seafood pathogens like Vibrio spp. or Listeria spp., among others, and slows down spoilage microorganism growth. The use of cold water to generate pressure minimally alters the sensory and nutritional properties of seafood. HPP is also used to easily remove meat extraction.

Join this webinar to learn more about:

  • High Pressure Processing’s (HPP) impact on seafood products
  • Effect HPP has on pathogens in seafood products and shelf-life extension
  • HPP being used for crustacean meat extraction and mollusk shucking
  • Emerging HPP seafood applications

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Vinicio Moreno-Serment, Ph.D.
HPP Applications Specialist

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Robert Verge, P.Eng.
Managing Director

Eva Alonso

General Manager