The food & beverage industry is experiencing a massive shift in consumer demand for fresh, natural foods that are produced without harmful preservatives. Clean labels have grown in importance as consumers carefully eye ingredient lists at the grocery store to find the fewest or safest-sounding ingredients and the least amount of “processing.” Because of this, manufacturers and retailers have been driven to find natural ways to extend shelf life while maintaining food safety.

Many of them have turned to High Pressure Processing, a non-thermal preservation technology that uses water and high pressure to keep packaged foods pathogen-free and fresher for longer. A key aspect for all of them is to marketing the benefits of this technology so that the final consumer easily identify HPP products on the supermarket and perceive their high added value.

In the webinar you will learn about:

  • Intro to High Pressure Processing (HPP) and Consumer Trends
  • Communicating HPP Benefits through the Cold Pressure Council (CPC) and High Pressure Certified ® Mark
  • Case Study by Good Foods Group, CPC Founding Member and Manufacturer of HPP Guacamole and Dips
  • Case Study by Evolution Fresh, CPC Founding Member and Manufacturer of HPP Cold-Pressed Juices and Smoothies
  • Q&A

Language: English

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Anthony Zapata
Sales & Marketing Specialist 

Tom egan

Tom Egan
Vicepresident, Industry Services

Joyce redondo

Joyce Longfield
R&D - Principal of HPP Applications

Troy Hoover

Troy Hoover
Vicepresident of Supply Chain