Hiperbaric 525 Bulk

Throughput liters/hour [US liq. Gallons/hour]

4,000 [1060]

Vessel Capacity liters [US liq. Gallons]

525 [150]

In-Bulk processing

Before bottling

Vessel filling efficiency


Hiperbaric 525 Bulk is a global innovative technology developed by Hiperbaric for the high pressure processing of large volume of liquids. With this unique equipment (patent pending), liquids are processed in-bulk before bottling.


Hiperbaric 525 Bulk Main Features

This new model simplifies production, reducing stages and increasing productivity significantly. Its design is based on a 525-liter volume vessel together with a tank system where the product is stored before and after its processing by high pressure, to be later bottled.

Its capacity to process more than 4,000 liters [1,060 gallons/h], makes it the most productive installed HPP equipment in the world. In addition, it reduces the cost of processing, thanks to the lower energy consumption and the automation of the process. Hiperbaric 525 Bulk easily adjusts to large liquid production lines and allows the use of any type of packaging.

The first HPP In-Bulk equipment installed for large volumes of liquids

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