High Pressure Processing brings several safety, innovation, export possibilities and functional product development opportunities to the dairy sector:

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Some HPP product examples

  • Col+
  • Envy Yoghurt
  • im real mango yogurt

Sandwich fillings

Based on cheese or mayonnaise and mixed with other ingredients may be processed to enhance the shelf life of the product, destroying pathogens and spoiling flora while keeping sensorial and nutritional quality to its highest degree. Ingredients taste and nutrition are totally respected in a completely safe, fresh sandwich.


High Pressure Processing of fresh cheeses enhances the maturation, kills pathogenic bacteria and improves shelf life of the product importantly. This is an interesting application specially for the cold pasteurization of cheeses made from raw milk.


Some processes take advantage of the specific barosensibility of each microorganism specie. A post packaging high pressure processing of yoghurts brings the following benefits:

  • Inactivation of yeast and moulds: up to 3 months conservation.
  • Reduction of Lactobacillus count: no post-acidification.
  • Inactivation of contamination and acidification bacteria: only selected probiotic strains survive.

Innovative new products

New functional never seen before products can be developed with the help of High Pressure Processing. As the technology respects the functional properties of the fresh product, it is a great fit for the development of new propositions for the consumer.

*In partnership with Fonterra Cooperative Group, the leading dairy ingredient multinational who has developed and patented various HPP applications for dairy, Hiperbaric is exploiting the opportunities that high pressure processing technology offers for yoghurts and functional dairy products.

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