R&D Projects


PRODUCTIO - Productivity industrial enhancement through enabling technologies

BEVSTREAM - High Pressure Processing (HPP) equipment for large beverage productions

FUTUREHPP - Research and development of the HPP In-Pack equipment of the future

SMARTMAT - Research in new technologies for the production of advanced materials

BIOLIGNO - Research and development of new processes for continuous fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass

Juicebar - Development of a small and simple high pressure (HPP) plant for processing bottled juices

ETERNITY - Development of high-pressure vessels with infinite lifetime

FRESHPRESS - Development of a new range of high quality pasteurized/sterilized high pressure treated products for different commercial sectors and search for integral solutions for the improvement of existing high pressure treatment lines

HIGIENPACK - Development of new food equipment with high hygienic guarantees

HST Food Train - Science based precision processing for future healthy, structured and tasteful fruit and vegetable based foods: an integrated research and training program

ERAF - Efficiency and Fatigue Resistance in high pressure equipment

PROMARE - Proactive maintenance of unique remote machines

WIRELEXTREM - Wireless prototype for temperature measurement under extreme conditions

FUTURAL - Contribution of New Technologies to safer, more nutritious, more convenient and smarter food for the future

Novel Q - Novel processing methods for the production and distribution of high-quality and safe food

Other financed initiatives


INVERSIÓN - Expansion of plant for the manufacture of high-pressure machinery