Juices and beverages have established themselves as the fastest growing HPP application in the world. This is due to an increase in demand for fresh, all-natural and better tasting beverages, which can only be achieved using a non-thermal preservation method such as HPP. Hiperbaric hosted a webinar focused on the characteristics and benefits of HPP juices and beverages. In addition, we presented the success stories of Preshafruit, the first beverage manufacturer to use a Hiperbaric in-pack HPP machine, and Hermes Boisson, the first beverage manufacturer to leverage the Hiperbaric Bulk technology.

In this webinar you will learn about:

• Benefits of high pressure processing (HPP) for juices and beverages
• Success story of Preshafruit, the first beverage manufacturer to use Hiperbaric In-Pack industrial equipment
• Hiperbaric Bulk technology, HPP equipment designed by Hiperbaric to process large volumes of liquids in bulk before bottling
• Hermes Boissons, the first beverage manufacturer in the world to use this innovative technology to process juices through HPP

Language: English

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Carole Tonello, Ph.D.
Commercial & HPP Applications Director

Mario González

Mario González
HPP Applications Specialist

Alastair McLachlan_Preshafruit_círculo

Alastair McLachlan

Tom Francois_Hermes_círculo

Tom Francois