Tolling service of high pressure processing to other food companies is a business model that allows a company to provide services and give access to HPP technology to companies of any size, as a previous step to investment or technology acquisition. HPP-tolling is the ideal option for small companies, startups, restaurateurs and new exporters, looking for the opportunity to commercialize a great variety of HPP products, without the initial capital investment.

Although more and more manufacturers and brands are choosing to join the exciting HPP world, not all companies are fully immersed in the purchase of industrial equipment, as they are not at the point of making an investment with the acquisition of HPP equipment. For this reason, there is a service that brings together the main advantages of having HPP technology. HPP-tolling is a service offered by Hiperbaric’s Global HPP Network, customers who have previously acquired one or several industrial HPP units and offer the service to other food companies. This business model allows any company to provide services and give access to HPP technology to companies of any size.

In the webinar you will learn about:

  • What is high pressure processing, benefits for producers and consumers and Hiperbaric’s range of HPP equipment
  • The tolling service as an introduction to the world of high pressures, benefits for companies and the network of customers around the world
  • Live webinar panel with with three success stories of companies that offer tolling to process all kind of food products
  • Challenges, opportunities and trends on HPP

Language: English

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