Juices and beverages have established themselves as the fastest growing HPP sector in the world. This is due to an increase in consumer demand for fresh, all-natural and better tasting beverages, which can only be achieved using a non-thermal preservation method such as High Pressure Processing (HPP). This technology uses water at room temperature (4-25 °C) to generate pressure levels of up to 6000 bar (87,000 psi / 600 MPa), which inactivates microorganisms and preserves the nutritional and sensory characteristics of freshly squeezed juice and beverages, while also extending shelf-life significantly. Therefore, consumers perceive HPP products as natural and of premium quality.

Join this webinar to learn more about:
• Benefits of high pressure processing (HPP) for juices and beverages
• Success story of Preshafruit, the first beverage manufacturer to use Hiperbaric In-Pack industrial equipment
• Hiperbaric Bulk technology, HPP equipment designed by Hiperbaric to process large volumes of liquids in bulk before bottling
Hermes Boissons, the first beverage manufacturer in the world to use this innovative technology to process juices through HPP

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Carole Tonello, Ph.D.
Commercial & Applications Director

Mario González

Mario González
HPP Applications Specialist

Alastair McLachlan_Preshafruit_círculo

Alastair McLachalan

Tom Francois_Hermes_círculo

Tom Francois