Hiperbaric 30 HIP

Operating Pressure

207 MPa

Maximum Load

380 Kg

Op. Temperature (Molybdenum / Graphite)

1.400 / 2.000 °C

Hot Zone Diameter

Ø300 mm

Hiperbaric 30 HIP

The Hiperbaric HIP 30 press is the intermediate model in the Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) range for the processing and post-processing of metals and other components. It has been designed with a totally innovative and versatile approach since it allows several configurations and operating modes in a single machine. It incorporates state-of-the-art technology and has been available on the market since 2020 at a very competitive price and with very attractive features.

Target Market

Designed for those companies determined to commit to a piece of technology that presents synergies with a large number of manufacturing processes in the most demanding sectors such as aerospace, oil & gas, medical implants, nuclear, defense, industry or automotive. The dimensions and performance of the Hiperbaric 30 HIP press make it suitable for installation in companies with average production capacities, which need to implement HIP technology in their production process, providing added value and reliability.

Hiperbaric 30 HIP Features

The Hiperbaric 30 HIP press has a compact design and high heating and colling performance, enabling it to product the fastest combined heat treatments up to pressures of 2.000 bar/200MPa and 2.000C/3.600 F, allowing small size productions as well as research and development works.

The Hiperbaric 30 HIP press is a competitive, reliable asset. Its versatility allows it to be synergistically combined with a wide variety of manufacturing techniques to develop cutting-edge materials and components.

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